Strzok Hearing 12 July 2018: Pantomime Event Of A Sinister Nature. Oh Yes It Was!

Watching the Hearing today, it seemed a clutch of Democrats were intent on preventing Strzok from giving evidence using a disruptive pre-planned strategy

Jerrold Lewis Nadler, Bonnie Watson Coleman, David Cicilline, Theodore Eliot Deutch, Eric Michael Swalwell (jnr),

Control And Manipulation Of Mankind. What Is Mankind?

What’s it all about?

Do you ever challenge official versions of recent history?

1. American Civil War and American Independance.
What was that all about? Was it some sort of manipulation of American society?

2. Creation of The Federal Reserve.
Whats this all about?

3. Why did America come off the gold standard?
Ever wondered about that?

4. Washington DC.
How it was created. Why was it created?

5. The names “United States” and “United States Of America”
The legal significance in these two terms?

6. The term “Strawman”.
When how and why this term arose?

7. The First World War.
How was it financed?

8. The Second World War.
How and why was it financed?

9. JFK assassination.
Do you believe in the official version ? Why was he killed? Who killed him?

10. September 11 2001  (911, 9-11, 9/11)
Do you ever look back at all that’s been written and spoken about “911” and have doubts about the official version?

11. Life on other planets. visitors from Outer Space.
Do you ever wonder if we are being told the truth about this vast subject?

12. The 100 year deal on life
Some dont make it from the womb. Very very few live beyond 100. Interested?

13. Control and Censorship of the Internet
Are you worried about whats happening, right now, to our access and freedom of the Internet?

14. Is The Patriot Act patriotic?

15. Do you understand 5G? Do you know anything about 5G?

There are a lot more questions, but why not ponder on one or two of the above mysteries as a starter?


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