Democracy Is What The Five Eyes Say It Is!

The US, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand version of Democracy is what those Governments say it is, backed by changes in Law if necessary.

Latest Holywood Block-Buster


Yesterday I blogged the seemingly obvious connection between American politics and the Holywood film industry.

Today, I hear the plot for the next block-buster being described… laid out in detail in this entertaining video. Cant wait to see it. Who will play the leads?

So Much Of What Goes On In American High Places Seems To Be Based On Holywood Film Plots!

So Much Of What Goes On In American High Places Seems To Be Based On Holywood Film Plots!

Or is it the other way round?

Current chatter regarding anti-Trump plots, moles, an illegal uranium deal, dodgy judges, tense geopolitics, suspect US legal system, inactivity of Sessions, doubts about the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies, chem trails, seem to be nudging Holywood to produce more block-buster productions.

Has America always been so troubled? Are other countries also experiencing such attacks?


Pedophilia And Slavery: The Wordlwide Practices Involving Paedophilia And Slavery

The various forms of slavery, and the use and abuse of children have  seemingly always been with us. Certain inhumane practices are common among those with power, wealth and influence. Indeed control of crime has often been found to be by, and from within, the rich and powerful.

It appears clear that an Elite Class exists who can both afford to practice these crimes, and afford the protection needed from prosecution. Money and influence are vital currency to the sadistic.

A law for the rich and a law for the poor would seem to exist. In practice this is critical to allow leniency for the Elite.

There can be no doubt that great concern and agitation exists among the police, many child welfare groups charities. and the general population regarding the protection of children and the acts of slavery in all their forms.

Equally, no doubt exists that local and national officials make great play of the measures used to stamp out crime. Special crime units, technology, castration, and the Sex Offenders Register are examples of show by the authorities.  Surely its so often a token, a mirage, to satisfy the population at large?

Lionel Nation, the respected American broadcaster, says it very well in this video.

Football Officials: Too Often Decisions Are Ridiculous Incorrect Poor And Inconsistent (2)

Just watching Milan versus Liverpool. They Are Not Coping. Yet another match where the match officials are not up to the job.

Tonight decisions were required to give offsides or not to give offsides. Award penalties not to award penalties. Both sides suffered dubious decisions.

Why is there such reticence towards technology? The game needs to provide immediate help to referees. Football (soccer) must be the richest sports industry. The billions churned in transfers, advertising, club expenses, building of stadia, infrastructures , security and policing. The annual total is measured in billions! So why do we persist in allowing inadequate refereeing. Many clubs rely on first rate officialdom to survive and progress. Correct decisions can mean life or death.

Stopping the flow of a match seems to be the only serious argument against technology referrals.

Interruptions – that’s ridiculous too?

If stopping the flow of a match is so important, why are substitutions allowed to fiddle about getting fresh players onto the pitch? Why are players leaving the pitch allowed to stroll off chatting to their team mates, removing shin pads, and shaking the hand of the referee? Why is this annoying time wasting farce not stopped by giving the oncoming player a yellow card?

Now that would save a lot of time. Technology referrals would then be put into perspective as being minor to none compared with other, more serious, time wasting events.


5G Surveillance Smart Cities Computer Vision Mixed Reality IT Autonomous Vehicles AI

The future is planned. The future for most is scary.