Aliens Inhabit The Earth

To many, animals are there to be used as pets, guardians, a source of food, entertainment, a source of income, or eye candy. For sure not as equals.¬† How well do we know Earth’s animals? Do we attempt to really understand them? I suggest to most, animals are inferior and alien to us. But how sure should we be about that?

5G Surveillance Smart Cities Computer Vision Mixed Reality IT Autonomous Vehicles AI

The future is planned. The future for most is scary.


Hillary Clinton: Video Now On Dark Web Showing Her Participation In Satanic Pedophilia.

Child victims. Blood drinking and other dark acts. Its said that police cried and some received psychological help. PitzaGate is very real. This video reports in more detail. See also the work of journalist Liz Crokin on YouTube.

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Global Pedophilia, Satanism, Slavery 

Tony “45” Blair: The Treasonous, Murderous, Bastard Who Lied To Me In My Parliament Says….

we should attack Syria (Assad really of course) over use of chemical gas that may, or may not, have happened.

One thing is clear to me. If Blair says that chemical gas was used by Assad on his people… then it is definitely, categorically, for certain, NOT TRUE!

Syrian Gas Stores: Just A Thought!!!


So to prevent the repeat of a possible horror gas attack on the public by persons unknown… the solution is to purposely explode possible (but unconfirmed) dangerous toxicity into the air using missiles on possible gas stores, the location of which is not proven?

And of course, we have obliterated a possible crime scene that newly arrived independent  inspectors came to investigate.

Convenient America – no proof about anything to check, one way or another!!!



Thought Police: Policing Thoughts. AI

Can ones behaviour suggest/ identify thought about an illegal act?

Can these suggestions be recognised by technology. Can technology then instigate an automatic legal prosecution against an individual’s thought?

How legal is all this? Can any of this infringement of human rights within a sovereign being be legalised? Interestingly, with the existence of our Strawmen are any of us now legally sovereign?

These four videos share my own thoughts.

Dr Jerome Corsi: I Cannot Agree With Your Strong Opinion On Creation Of Israel Or Leniency On Current Trump War Decisions

A lawless group after WW2 decided it a good idea to steal a piece of sovereign land in order to plant a new country for Jews. Out and out lawlessness.

Nor do I agree with Corsi’s support for any kind of attack on Syrian sovereign land and people. Syria has invited just one country for help in maintaining civil law and order. Russia. All others are illegal invaders.

Any attack on Syria involves loss of life to families under fire. The recent attack by America produced deaths and loss of parents. That was an illegal attack on a non-aggressive nation. A disgrace Dr Corsi.