Irish Humour

Humor is just another defense against the universe. – Mel Brooks
We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language – Oscar Wilde
Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. – Margaret Mead
To get back my youth I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable. ― Oscar Wilde
A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.― Irina Dunn
Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping ― Oscar Wilde


Religion Can Be So Humorous – Dave Allen Says It As It Is

More Great Humour By Rodney Dangerfield

My favourite Comedienne is Joan Rivers


“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.” – Richard Feynman

“Only The Small Secrets Need To Be Protected. The Big Ones Are Kept Secret By Public Incredulity.” – Marshall McLuhan

“Spirituality is actually the physics we haven’t quite understood yet” – Nassim Haramein


What happened to the magic tractor?
It went down the road and turned into a field!


Now for my take on this very short life, this existence, in which we are participating… some of it very deep and satanic, some of high strangeness. For those of us making it out of the womb, we can expect a measly lifespan of some 100 years. High strangeness starts right there with that statistic!

And stuff that has an air of complete innocence. Mind you, that said for example, the sporting world is not completely without conspiracy. Agree?


The Strange and Sporty

About the author of Strange and Sporty
It all started to happen upon reaching 70 years of age.
I was retired and seeking entertainment. I had the time, a computer, and interest in a growing number of subjects, issues, and matters.

Listening, watching and reading about so many opinions, views and comments about topics ranging from the ordinary to those matters of high strangeness, and on certain sporting issues, I felt compelled to give my own opinion on life, the universe and everything.

Bio Update 9th January 2019
Now In my eightieth year, for nine years I have been analysing conspiracy theories using published research, investigations, videos, films, audios, recorded seminas, talks, blogs, published documents, media discussions, newscasts and MSM for my research.

I rely on my own life experience and ability to disseminate information and chose which research and investigations carried out by others is worth publishing on this website.

Unfortunately I am not able to carry out investigations supporting my research due to immobility and lack of funding.


My opening comments for this website – I consider man-made religions and gods merely controls of mankind. I now believe that you and I, everything, and all else, is The Almighty and IS always conscious (Penny Kelly). And that everything is contained in everything else (Nassim Haramein).

Here, are three posts expanding on these thoughts.

Everything is contained in everything else   Consciousness   You and I, every thing, and all else, is “GOD”

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My Quick 25 Year Prediction  (1984 updated!)

  • A Cashless world. Trials already in progress.
  • Block Chain managed Bank accounts.
  • American Middle Classes greatly reduced. And Asian Middle Classes growing in America.
  •  Rapid increase in Asian influence on Western economies and lifestyles backed by advances in Asian military strength. EU to grow a substantial Military.
  • Male sperm counts reduced.
  • The widespread chipping of humans, animals, and stuff will enable the instant monitoring of our daily lives.
  • Introduction of a formal Universal Social Credit System (USCS) which takes account of political views, all wealth/asset inventories, bank accounts, outstanding debts, Online/ Offline activity, sites visited, places visited, items purchased and sold, conversations held, topics covered. Social class and type associated with. Any criminal records will be available to the USCS. Taxes automatically calculated and charged to bank accounts…. and the rest! A mass of intimate information that allows algorithms to decide on AI actions to be taken without a human intervening!  Prison sentencing and travel restrictions imposed by robots!
  • The linking of USCS accounts with bank accounts will enable instant daily balances to be available to the automated system and those in control of the overall management of humanity.
  • Universal chipping control systems. Most humans, animals equipment and gadgets will be chipped. .
  • Similar for all companies which will be treated as individual entities.
  • Cities will become “smart”
  • Linking of bank accounts with the USCS will enable automatic reward-credits and penalty-debits on the USCS.
  • USCS Credits given and taken at the whim of Government.
  • USCS balance adjusted according to whom you do business with and mix with socially.
  • Assets register recording wealth used to automatically raise funds to meet financial obligations.
  • Lack of bank funds to pay debts could lead to hunger and automatic banning of national and international travel from action taken by the automated USCS.
  • Poor management of funds  and choice of friends could reduce an individuals USCS balance.
  • Corporations will be controlled in a similar manner.
  • You can now search for “The Real ID Card“, the system now underway in America.
  • Search the term  “Fatherland Card“, the program being introduced to Venezuela!
  • Then there is China who right now has a massive control system in operation.
  • Chipping of humanity, most gadgets and household equipment. Similar for company assets. Linking to USCS with automatic charging of consumption to bank accounts
  • 5G is being introduced to allow universal spying. To collect universal data. 5G/WiFi technology will further develop and improve the ability for physical and psychological control of humanity.
  • 5G will carry severe health issues.
  • Taxation simplified. Introduction of Transaction Taxes. All other taxes abolished.
  • The Internet Of Things becomes highly sophisticated. Increased encroachment on personal privacy.
  • Instant location of us all. Currently, location within ten square feet anywhere on Earth is already installed.
  • Artificial Intelligence and behavioural profiling allowing  identification and crime prediction. Automatic AI arrests, prosecutions sentencing and imprisonment. including applicable death sentence.
  • Exotic appliances supplying free energy.
  • Weather control and weather weaponry. Already a reality.
  • We will realise Earth is currently cooling not warming.
  • Weaponisation of water and vaccines to infest humanity, indeed all life.
  • Realisation that Vaccines are a mode of DNA manipulation
  • Water and fresh air control and commodification.
  • Population control. Planned reduction of populations has been used many times in history. This practice to continue and to an even greater extent.
  • Three official genders: Male, Female, and Cyborg (made law for legal and taxation purposes).
  • Voting fraud continuation.
  • Nationalism – v – Globalism. Fierce battles.
  • Biological warfare. Continuation of biological weapons.
  • Realisation that interplanetary travel and wars have existed over eons.
  • Realisation that Earth is also inhabited underground with vast and highly sophisticated transportation among other things.
  • Realisation that Space is filled with water vapour. Hydrogen and Oxygen abound. Water is perhaps the glue of the Universe? That Suns also have water!
  • The Moon is an artificially made structure – and inhabited.
  • Use of US Military Tribunals. US Legal System corrupt. Already active.
  • Short term Martial Law in United States. Currently, Trump is being obstructed on several fronts. Making proper governance extremely difficult. As President, he is obligated to Preserve, Protect And Defend America.

For those who like the visual, here are 4 videos explaining some of the stuff influencing our lives, including emerging developments that threaten the very existence of nature/ spirituality as we believe it to be.

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High Number Of Candidates Expected For American 2020 Election. Reason Being That Candidates Would Avoid Criminal Action During The Process. Rumour Abounds that Numerous Public Figures, And Others, Face Possible Prosecution For Crimes Against The US State. Seemingly Both Democratic And Republican Figures Are Involved!

Just a thought!

Anastasija Sevastova vs. Jelena Ostapenko: For Two Sets Ostapenko Served The Best I’ve Seen From Her. A Vital Improvement For Her Future!

At 2-6 and 5-0 she was serving to win with a bagel set. However something within Jelena caused her service to deteriorate and her great ground strokes to falter. She won the set 6-4, but the rot had set in. A change within Jelena caused her to lose the third set to a bagel 6-0. Strange but true!

However signs are that she will be in the top 10 by the end of 2019.