Israel And The Jews

We, the common man and woman basically live by natural law. We build families and seek to support those families. This reason for our existence applies to all humanity.

Accepting nature plays a huge part in our everyday life, the problems and suffering we experience are overwhelmingly  because a very small number of people choose to use humanity for its own empire building.

One of the major political situations involves the history of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. David Icke gives a short history in the following video.

Does UK Need To Worry About Women Members Of The American Congress?

How do these chancres get their hands on American Power? What does it say about those who vote for these pretentious shrews? Is Maxine Walters typical of American women politicians? Should we in the UK be worried about American rulers and lawmakers?

Pedophilia And Slavery: The Wordlwide Practices Involving Paedophilia And Slavery

The various forms of slavery, and the use and abuse of children have  seemingly always been with us. Certain inhumane practices are common among those with power, wealth and influence. Indeed control of crime has often been found to be by, and from within, the rich and powerful.

It appears clear that an Elite Class exists who can both afford to practice these crimes, and afford the protection needed from prosecution. Money and influence are vital currency to the sadistic.

A law for the rich and a law for the poor would seem to exist. In practice this is critical to allow leniency for the Elite.

There can be no doubt that great concern and agitation exists among the police, many child welfare groups charities. and the general population regarding the protection of children and the acts of slavery in all their forms.

Equally, no doubt exists that local and national officials make great play of the measures used to stamp out crime. Special crime units, technology, castration, and the Sex Offenders Register are examples of show by the authorities.  Surely its so often a token, a mirage, to satisfy the population at large?

Lionel Nation, the respected American broadcaster, says it very well in this video.

Proof Of Mind Control Technology. Use Of Energy Weapons?

Resulting from release of the US House Report On Russia…

It has been found necessary for the American public to be informed that the Russian Ambassador to the United States being a Russian is customary. Russian nationals are normally appointed to the position, and not to panic that he also speaks to Trump and the Trump Administration.

Talking to leaders of other nations is an everyday desired and legal occurrence. They probably often get served coffee and biscuits, maybe vodka is available? They probably laugh and smile together. Maybe talk American Football? Yes things not considered geo-political. Unbelievable apparently for the American voter!

What a mess what a tragic situation… what mind control the Deep State has over US citizens.


What Are We? Why Are We? Why 100 Years?

Some of us dont leave the womb. Some dont reach their 21st Birthaday. Some reach 80. A few make it to 100. A handful make it over 100.

Lets say, 100 is a human lifespan… what is that in terms of the billions/ trillions of years Earth and our Universe has existed. I say trillions… but in fact “we, everything and all else” have always existed.

What about all the energy, emotion, and pain that goes into the perpetuation of us humans? What is a human? Is our human DNA program changing by the moment? What is our purpose? What are we really here for? Just to keep the human DNA alive?

We are told that there is a limit to the number of humans that can exist on Earth due to lack of resources. Not true. Free energy has always been available to us. In recent decades many have offered various ways to achieve it. Why is there a block on this resource? Advances in technology allow collection of resources from other planets. Possibly by robots (the human creations) And what part does our our Puppet Master play in all this?

Puppet Master? Are we servants to another entity? Is there a hierarchy of entities/ powers? Do they/ we all survive using the same energy?

Is “everything and all else” existing through a myriad of species? Are there other kinds of energies? Other kinds of existence?

Why 100 year?