Brexit – grudging maneuvering by Sir Ivan Rogers

Sir Ivan Rogers, the ex ambassador to the European Union, who resigned in January, made his remarks to MPs on the Commons Treasury Committee.

He said that Theresa May’s decision to trigger the countdown to Brexit opened up Britain to being “screwed” in the negotiations with Brussels.

The former diplomat said: “I think we’ll have a row straight away in 2018 on the scope and ambit of a free trade agreement.”

He said that the language used to describe he UK’s Brexit deal by the EU was “Canada or Canada dry” but the UK’s attitude was “Canada plus, plus, plus”.

Again the opponents to Brexit are squeeling against the democratic vote to leave the EU. This time doubting the agreement with the WTO! If the EU gets awkward we walk away and immediately trade on our own. Europe need our purchasing power. And we trade under the agreement with the WTO and other independent agreements.

Sir Ivan Rogers I invite you to stay resigned and let democracy and trade run its course.

Future of Earth and Humanity

Nature gave us the SUN to provide all the necessary energy for the creation, regeneration and continued existence of life and vegetation on Earth.

Our Sun naturally and automatically impacts our DNA, atmosphere, weather, food, and water supply.

It is often said these days, that Earth’s life span is to be measured in billions of years. That numerous controlling surface beings have existed and perished.

Perished? Did they destroy themselves?

Today, the year 2017, there seems to be warning signs that human beings are manipulating and destroying life as we once new it. With the advent of technology and understanding of quantum theory we are seriously affecting the roles of the Sun and of Nature.

Topics discussed in video below:

Plasma – Plasma Dome – scientists – global elites – The NGA – governments – technology – HAARP –  CHEMtrails – ionised sky – nano technology – space operations – weaponisation of space – DNA – trans humanism and genetics… and more.