Are Women Merely Baby Factories? Quality Control Allows Scrapping Of Unwanted Products. Production According To Agenda Laid Down By The Lords Of Earth – For Their Purposes And Not For Humanity’s Benefit.

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Are Technocrats The Future Threat To Humanity And Not The Globalists We Are Currently Condemning? This Video Is A Must Watch For Everyone!!!

Sarah Westall has become recognized as a leading Conspiracy Analyst.

Claudia Stauber Is Living With Nature. Giving (Always Giving!) Animal Sanctuary, Respect, Love, Food And Kindness.

This website covers so many dour and dark topics, I thought seeing life at its natural best would be a welcome inclusion. Happy Hearts Sanctuary brings  love and warmth To Morrisville, Vermont, Canada. Here is a wonderful video showing the sanctuary’s progress to date.

Happy Hearts Sanctuary

Who is Claudia Stauber?