Are religions Spy Agencies?

Priests, imams, and clerics in villages, towns, and cities, reporting to bishops, reporting to cardinals who report to the Vatican, or other religious masters, as the case may be?

The three monotheist religious traditions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, have more in common than in contention. All three believe God is one, unique, concerned with humanity’s condition. Each takes up the narrative of the others’ — Christianity and Islam carrying forward the story begun in the Hebrew scriptures of ancient Israel that define Judaism.

But how true is this? Whats really going on?


Mind Control in The UK

In Britain, are we all under some sort of mind control and so not inclined to challenge the establishment in any meaningful way?  Examples of what I mean.

The media and politicians just do not seem able to fight on our behalf. We are told that mega amounts are going to be spent on armaments. Do we fight the right fights? Vast amounts on Foreign Aid. Do these funds ever reach the destitute? Support for the elderly is very soon going to be cut back even further. Then of course, as ever, continual cuts to the NHS.

There seems to be an inevitability about the continuous decline in living standards of the British people.
Well for most of us anyway!!!