23AndMe Joins With GSK. Good Bad Or Ugly?

Who are “23 And Me” and “GlaxsoSmithKline” (GSK)





On July 25, 2018, 23andMe announced it is partnering with GlaxoSmithKline and allows the pharmaceutical company to use the test results from 5 million customers of the 23andMe to design new drugs. GlaxoSmithKline has also invested $300 million in 23andMe. 23AndMe has recently morphed with Ancestry

ABOUT ANCESTRY  (quote from website)

“Bringing together science and self-discovery, Ancestry helps everyone, everywhere discover the story of what led to them. Our sophisticated engineering and technology harnesses family history and consumer genomics, combining billions of rich historical records, millions of family trees, and samples from almost 10 million people in the AncestryDNA database to provide people with deeply meaningful insights about who they are and where they come from.”   Ancestry has now merged into/ with 23andMe.


(Reuters) – GlaxoSmithKline (GSK.L) aims to turbo-charge its drug discovery engine with a big bet on genetics as its CEO on Wednesday played down the idea of hiving off consumer healthcare, which is a source of cash generation for such R&D investment.

GSK is buying a $300 million (228.17 million pounds) stake in the Silicon Valley gene testing company 23andMe, giving it exclusive access to the Google-backed firm’s vast DNA database!!!

The Octopus: The Most Intelligent Creature Apart From Humans

Several different creatures have been singled out for their advanced intelligence.

Today I came across these two interesting videos that argue a strong case for Octopodes being the most intelligent creatures on Earth alongside of Man.

They also possess  very effective weapons that are  defensive and harmless. Octopodes for all their power are peaceful and non aggressive. Now that is quite something!

What Are We? Why Are We? Why 100 Years?

Some of us dont leave the womb. Some dont reach their 21st Birthaday. Some reach 80. A few make it to 100. A handful make it over 100.

Lets say, 100 is a human lifespan… what is that in terms of the billions/ trillions of years Earth and our Universe has existed. I say trillions… but in fact “we, everything and all else” have always existed.

What about all the energy, emotion, and pain that goes into the perpetuation of us humans? What is a human? Is our human DNA program changing by the moment? What is our purpose? What are we really here for? Just to keep the human DNA alive?

We are told that there is a limit to the number of humans that can exist on Earth due to lack of resources. Not true. Free energy has always been available to us. In recent decades many have offered various ways to achieve it. Why is there a block on this resource? Advances in technology allow collection of resources from other planets. Possibly by robots (the human creations) And what part does our our Puppet Master play in all this?

Puppet Master? Are we servants to another entity? Is there a hierarchy of entities/ powers? Do they/ we all survive using the same energy?

Is “everything and all else” existing through a myriad of species? Are there other kinds of energies? Other kinds of existence?

Why 100 year?

Aliens Inhabit The Earth

To many, animals are there to be used as pets, guardians, a source of food, entertainment, a source of income, or eye candy. For sure not as equals.  How well do we know Earth’s animals? Do we attempt to really understand them? I suggest to most, animals are inferior and alien to us. But how sure should we be about that?

5G Surveillance Smart Cities Computer Vision Mixed Reality IT Autonomous Vehicles AI

The future is planned. The future for most is scary.