Globalist Resistance: The Fight For All Life, Freedom, Sovereignty, And Truth

Scientists & Engineers, Agriculturists & Farmers, Health & Medical Practitioners, Police & Military, Legal Minds, An Independent Professional Media. The Resistance Movement will rely on input and help from folks representing all abilities, expertise and walks of life.

The aim is clear. The road unpaved. The fight dark. Hope the spur. Our Goal –  to win and to hold!!!

Ireland. Poor Ireland!

Irish Schools System enabling cooking of children.

The Planet Might Well Be Hotting Up! But What Is The Cause? Too Many Of Us? No! We Could All Fit Into New Zealand!

Just a thought!

Christine Ford: Charles Ellis Schumer And Dianne Feinstein Are Certainly In It To Win It!

Such tigerish enthusiasm and emotional speak by these two members of The Hearing about an Accuser bearing the shadow of doubt and integrity cast by those close to her.

Will Christine Ford be officially investigated by the FBI bearing in mind that rumour has it she is closely connected to the CIA?  Oh boy!