Israel And The Jews

We, the common man and woman basically live by natural law. We build families and seek to support those families. This reason for our existence applies to all humanity.

Accepting nature plays a huge part in our everyday life, the problems and suffering we experience are overwhelmingly  because a very small number of people choose to use humanity for its own empire building.

One of the major political situations involves the history of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. David Icke gives a short history in the following video.

Does UK Need To Worry About Women Members Of The American Congress?

How do these chancres get their hands on American Power? What does it say about those who vote for these pretentious shrews? Is Maxine Walters typical of American women politicians? Should we in the UK be worried about American rulers and lawmakers?

Aliens Inhabit The Earth

To many, animals are there to be used as pets, guardians, a source of food, entertainment, a source of income, or eye candy. For sure not as equals.  How well do we know Earth’s animals? Do we attempt to really understand them? I suggest to most, animals are inferior and alien to us. But how sure should we be about that?

5G Surveillance Smart Cities Computer Vision Mixed Reality IT Autonomous Vehicles AI

The future is planned. The future for most is scary.