Found! brave Mexican journalists

“The wounded editor is in hospital, the statement said, and local media said he was in “grave” condition. So far this month, three journalists have been killed across Mexico, which is grappling with rising crime.”  – news report.

My previous post becried the lack of brave journalists. But seems genuine journalists do exist albeit in fear of their lives. Governments owe it to their public to protect the conveyors of truth and morality. I certainly dont mean preaching, but shining a spotlight on matters the public themselves cannot or do not have time to do. The Mexican Government should feel the terrible guilt for the attack on its countries finest.

Would you agree a journalist’s job description calls for hard work, ethics, quality writing, and, at its heart, the desire to tell the truth?

Journalists be damned!


Where are the top sport and political journalists?

My opinion of journalism is very low and highly suspicious.
They often appear mischievous, flippant or pompous.
They accept corporate scripts and write anything that will reward with money.
Content being at most secondary.

Sports journalists are simply Gossip Rattle Traps
Political journalists are pathetically, bought biased, or blind.

Beware the law – child pornography

Consider the use of the Internet and the subject of child pornography.
It is all too easy to land on a site publishing pornography.

The intention must be to stop the use of children in pornography.
Nobody would argue against the stopping of website views that put money into the pockets of publishers. And obviously children will continue to be sexually abused if money can continue to be made publishing child material. I make no distinction between child sexual abuse and paedophilia in this article.

That said…..

It has come to my attention that views of pornographic websites are automatically recorded on the viewing computer. By law these images are termed “downloads”…. notwithstanding special equipment is required to view them, as they are electronically placed.

This raises several issues.

1. How many people realise the definition of “downloading”?
2. Certain images are deemed criminal under penalty of prison.
3. Constant police complaints of overload are not reduced by “blind” prosecutions.
Only the viewer will ever know for certain why he/ she was watching or loading child images.
4. Should police initially record an official warning of such activities? Only then to proceed with prosecutions and the use of extensive police time in setting up and putting criminal cases through the Courts?
5. Many defendants will qualify for Legal Aid. The cost of this procedure to the State is enormous. Solicitors, magistrates, probation staff, and judges fees are very high. Seems choices of solicitor and barrister are important too.
6. To save time and money defendants are likely to be offered the option to plea bargain. This procedure requires intimate knowledge of the law and procedure. How many people make this important decision that greatly affects the now and the future fully knowing what they are doing?

To me the process leading to prosecution is poor. Procedure in many cases could be stopped at the start. Thus saving enormous amounts of time, resources and money. Local police could play the greatest part in this saving. Seems to me there is the possibility of box-ticking and bolstering of government statistics. Something, if at all true, contributes nothing in the quest to eliminate paedophilia.

The plea bargain (also plea agreement, plea deal, copping a plea, or plea in mitigation) is any agreement in a criminal case between the prosecutor and defendant whereby the defendant agrees to plead guilty to a particular charge in return for some concession from the prosecutor. This may mean that the defendant will plead guilty to a less serious charge, or to one of several charges, in return for the dismissal of other charges; or it may mean that the defendant will plead guilty to the original criminal charge in return for a more lenient sentence.
A plea bargain allows both parties to avoid a lengthy criminal trial and may allow criminal defendants to avoid the risk of conviction at trial on a more serious charge. For example, in the U.S. legal system, a criminal defendant charged with a felony theft charge, the conviction of which would require imprisonment in state prison, may be offered the opportunity to plead guilty to a misdemeanour theft charge, which may not carry a custodial sentence.


Vaccines change the DNA

 The new DNA-vaccines are nothing like
the vaccines that have been used for the past 150 years.

Extract from Dr. Cate dated 16th November 2009.

With over two decades of clinical experience and expertise in genetic and biochemical research, Dr. Cate can help you to reverse metabolic disease and reshape your body.

“Recently, I heard about a new biotech initiative to make DNA-Vaccines. The thought of this makes my blood run cold. They are talking about turning people into genetically modified organisms.

DNA-vaccines are nothing like the vaccines that have been used for the past 150 years.

Regular vaccines inoculate a vaccine-recipient with the same proteins they would be exposed to anyway were they to get infected with the virus in question. DNA vaccines work by altering our DNA, changing us at a cellular level.

The benefit, some argue, would be that the new DNA vaccines could be produced more quickly and provide a longer period of immunity.

Normally, proteins in the vaccine are made in eggs or by genetically modified bacteria. Inoculation then injects these proteins into the interstitial area between muscle cells where they attract the attention of the immune system and trigger an immune response. When we are exposed to the actual infectious organism after a vaccine our immune system already has the antibodies to fight it off.

DNA vaccines require special technology to deliver the DNA not to the interstitial spaces between muscle cells, but into the muscle cell itself. And not just into the cell, but into the cell nucleus. Once the new DNA arrives, the muscle cell will be forced to produce viral proteins—potentially for the rest of your life.

“Extended immunostimulation leads to chronic inflammation” — Neeraj Kumar, M. Sc. Biotech at Kurukshetra University
According to Neeraj Kumar, M. Sc. Biotech, a potential disadvantage is the fact that this “extended immunostimulation leads to chronic inflammation.” In other words, you might develop a serious auto-immune disorder along the lines of lupus, or potentially even a neurologic disorder like myasthenia gravis.

While it’s true that infectious diseases like malaria and TB are widespread and life-threatening and a new technology that might help better defend against them would be welcome, I for one have no interest in signing up to become a GMO product of the Inovio Corporation.”

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