Gawpers Island Lies Off The Mainland Of Propaganda Of Which The Main Territory Is Called Main Stream Media.

Gawpers Island is famous for meaningless time cosuming chit chat by ex sportspeople who earn a living spouting personal opinion accepted mainly because of their personality or reputation. Well known cities include Sky, BT, ITV and Eurosport. Programs are provided to fill the spare time of those unable to entertain their minds in any other way. However Gawping Island can be very helpful to the ill, infirm and retired.

The Dark State/ The Deep State/ The Breakaway Civilisation/ Secret Space Program : Terms That Have Different Meaning To Different People. But For Sure There Is Powerful Governance Hidden From The Masses.

Just a thought!

Are MSM Journalists, On Any Topic, Heavily Controlled And Censored By Their Employers?

  • Is it possible for a MSM professional journalist to publish, unimpeded, international, national or local news?
  • Are journalists forced to invent/make the news in order to make a living?
  • Are journalists being forced to report rumour tittle tattle and prescribed bias in order to exist in their profession?
  • Do Alternative Media journalists thoroughly research and verify facts and alert readers of  personal opinion and guesswork?
  • Are most journalists corrupted?
  • Why should professional journalism exist?
  • What is the definition of a professional journalis?



Two Different Internets? One Controlled By China And The Other By America?

Just a thought!