Alison Chabloz, of Charlesworth – Bless You. You Did Not Deserve This Disgraceful Jewish Attack.

For their attempt to mind control a harmless UK citizen, Zani, Silverman and Gideon Falter should be restrained for life or, better still, expelled from the UK.  Go somewhere else with your precious tender minds and free speech attacks. You are a menace to a peaceful free and open thinking society.

Insults be damned!. Only a few delicate minds felt threatened.  To those supposedly hurt I say…. “Sticks and stones…. but words…”.

Israel, on the subject of sticks and stones, I notice you have no hesitation beating, gassing, and rubber bulleting young children, whilst dressed  in the latest protective clothing yourselves. Shame on you.

Surely all Jews cannot support this excessive obsessive defence of Israel?  This must be the work of a handful of extreme fanatics?  Tell me it is.

The spiteful prosecution against a harmless and honest free singing citizen will cause her financial hardship. She is ordered to pay £715 and spend time she could well use earning her keep on useless mind control sessions.



1984: Thought Crime by “Hitler Dog”


The UK is in a sorry state. Is a sorry state. Frightened of a dog in a hat. This is against freedom of thought, humour, and art. We now have Thought Criminals. This is sinister, a crime against art and freedom of thought. Its tyranny. Vicious. Mind control. Frightening. I have no respect for my Government. Dave Allen must be turning in his grave.

The arresting officers should be ashamed to make arrests for these fun occasions.