Nationalists versus Globalists

In Battle America it has become obvious the Globalists now rely less on public opinion to win Elections, and more on the Voting Systems and personnel that manage the votes!

To support this strategy, they are able to employ the services of a powerful dedicated army consisting of at least 7 known brigades.

  • MSM and Poling Division.
  • Banking Division-
  • CIA Division
  • FBI Division
  • Silicon Valley Division
  • Hollywood Division
  • Central Intelligence Division: (management of  Legal matters, propaganda, collection of  intelligence and and Information. the management of spies, collaborations with friendly foreign agencies, and weak Nationalists)

Proof Of Mind Control Technology. Use Of Energy Weapons?

Resulting from release of the US House Report On Russia…

It has been found necessary for the American public to be informed that the Russian Ambassador to the United States being a Russian is customary. Russian nationals are normally appointed to the position, and not to panic that he also speaks to Trump and the Trump Administration.

Talking to leaders of other nations is an everyday desired and legal occurrence. They probably often get served coffee and biscuits, maybe vodka is available? They probably laugh and smile together. Maybe talk American Football? Yes things not considered geo-political. Unbelievable apparently for the American voter!

What a mess what a tragic situation… what mind control the Deep State has over US citizens.


Thought Police: Policing Thoughts. AI

Can ones behaviour suggest/ identify thought about an illegal act?

Can these suggestions be recognised by technology. Can technology then instigate an automatic legal prosecution against an individual’s thought?

How legal is all this? Can any of this infringement of human rights within a sovereign being be legalised? Interestingly, with the existence of our Strawmen are any of us now legally sovereign?

These four videos share my own thoughts.