High Number Of Candidates Expected For American 2020 Election. Reason Being That Candidates Would Avoid Criminal Action During The Process. Rumour Abounds that Numerous Public Figures, And Others, Face Possible Prosecution For Crimes Against The US State. Seemingly Both Democratic And Republican Figures Are Involved!

Just a thought!

Anastasija Sevastova vs. Jelena Ostapenko: For Two Sets Ostapenko Served The Best I’ve Seen From Her. A Vital Improvement For Her Future!

At 2-6 and 5-0 she was serving to win with a bagel set. However something within Jelena caused her service to deteriorate and her great ground strokes to falter. She won the set 6-4, but the rot had set in. A change within Jelena caused her to lose the third set to a bagel 6-0. Strange but true!

However signs are that she will be in the top 10 by the end of 2019.