The Dark State/ The Deep State/ The Breakaway Civilisation/ Secret Space Program : Terms That Have Different Meaning To Different People. But For Sure There Is Powerful Governance Hidden From The Masses.

Just a thought!

The Good News Is That Truth Is Available. The Bad News Is That It’s Hidden In Plain Sight!

Since retiring I have had the time to look at the world, and universe, in which we exist. This new found awareness did not come from my parents, family, friends, neighbours, teachers, professors, priests, churches, our leaders, or the main stream media.

That said, for sure, a small number of caring leaders, politicians, dedicated specialists, researchers and investigators have shared an available wealth of knowledge pointing to a universe and beyond that is not commonly what we are told about.

Much reading, listening, watching, and observing is responsible for my current opinion on various aspects of our life on Earth. This fascinating adventure of the mind started on a computer in my UK flat,  and continues with a very changing opinion of the controlling forces which use incessant  main stream media propaganda, biased politicians, and devious churches to keep us ignorant of  “The Truth”

But why the need for such tight control of humanity? Are we a potential danger to our masters? Might we learn how to be free? Are we not all connected?

Hassim Haramein believes everything exists in everything else. Its a revelation watching him build his mathematical formula backing up this theory.



Child Sacrifice, Human Slavery, Satanic Rituals, Manipulation Of The Markets, Monetisation Of Natural Resources, The Drive Towards A One World Order And AI Robotic Populations. Hollywood Has Been Gifted Untold Earnings From Ready Made Film Plots Which Already Have Been Acted Out In Real Life Involving Most, If Not All, World Intelligence Agencies. Interesting too, because Hollywood Is A Player!

Just a thought!

Them That Supposedly Employ People Called Journalists! The MSM Has Purveyed So Much Disinformation, Told So Many Lies And Long Been Paid For Not Investigating… That The Deep State Now Has To Make Up More Lies To Deflect Defend And Support Their Own Lies And Manipulation Of The Truth!!!

Just a thought!