Judy Wood Has An Important Place In History: She Is The Brave Patriotic Top Scientist Who Told Us What Actually Happened To The 911 Towers That Fatal Day. They “Dustified” (Judy’s Term To Best Describe The Event)

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The Professions (architecture, clergy, engineering, law and medicine): Does The Professional Class Work For The Good Of Humanity, Or Put The Good Of Themselves First?

Is it a fact, the Professions (architecture, clergy, engineering, law and medicine) are symbolic indicating certain groups of people have passed exams set by establishment influences who set the syllabuses? Is it true that this professional status allows prostitution of influence to manipulate the population in general who are ignorant of this establishment control over them?



Blocking The Sun, Reducing Sunlight. Weather Manipulation. Changing The Atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide Abuse. Apparent World Control By United Nations. Introduction Of SAI. Agenda21. Agenda2030.

Since having the time to look more deeply into human existence, I believe that life is not as told by parents, teachers, professors, politicians and churches. ´╗┐Worse, we are being prevented from finding out

Just a thought!