Referees and Linesmen

New soccer season one week old and we have had the first inconsistencies and referee mistakes.

Yet again I point out, the financial losses and gains from bad decisions are enormous. The irritation to fans can be profound.

To have the results of our beloved international sport dependent on inferior administration is a crime.

Surely, introduction of the latest technology for all top matches is long overdue

Trent Alexander-Arnold

This 18 year old Liverpool right back has hit season 2017 running. So impressive both in the Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

He is a product of the Liverpool Youth Academy, winning the club’s Young Player of the Season award for 2016. A future England pick for sure.

Just watched him take and score a delightful free kick in the European Cup against Hoffenheim. Up and over – out to in, on right side of the goal.

I say this as a very long time supporter of Chelsea. And think to myself… if only the Chelsea management would make better use of the Chelsea Youth Academy and bring youngsters through to the first team on a regular basis.



Chelsea’s Suspect Transfers Deals.

In June 2003, Ken Bates sold Chelsea to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich for £140 million. Over £100 million was spent on new players.

Chelsea transfers [in and out] under Abramovich

Andriy Shevchenko a favourite of Abramovich was a failure and waste of money.
Sutton and Torrers were no better. There were others.
But that said they managed to recruit enough football masters to produce one win after another. So many good times!!!

Its 2017 and looking forward to more great football at Stamford Bridge. Going for more trophies this year.

But what have we got?

The loss of Nemanja Matic {who for me was not at his best for many months] to Manchester United could turn out a disaster… and in his first match for United plays a masterly match!

We have the boorish Costa who is currently cleaning up his act on the beaches of Brazil. What happened there?

Two weeks to go till the Transfer Window closes and we still need at least two masters to maintain the high standards set in the past.

Furthermore, Chelsea seem to do most things the most expensive way!

Perhaps the answer lies in the proper management and use of the Chelsea Youth Academy?

Sports Administrators

Golf has recently thrown up issues which should have been settled years ago. Tennis laws need tidying up. The Let rule on service has always been daft.

Soccer in the UK still has an obviously stupid ruling regarding the Transfer Window.

We have matches starting at beginning of August and The Window closing at the end of August. This ridiculous administration causes many clubs great concern regarding which players they can rely on being around in September onward.

It affects team composition, team training and team coaching. New signings need time to settle, giving an unfair advantage to opposing teams. Already there is severe inequality due to lack of funds when buying players and paying wages.

The Transfer Window ruling in its current form is just a stupid idea made worse because each new season nothing is done to improve the situation.

Footballers are pissed off now!

But then, maybe not. Do footballers have a conscience regarding sporting morality and fair play?
Footballers are ever looking out for ways to cheat and gain advantage in any way they can. Tonight the Lexi Thompson/ Dinah Shore ruling has been highlighted. They have another rule to overcome when playing the game of golf.



Journalists be damned!

 Where are the top sport and political journalists?

My opinion of journalism is very low and highly suspicious.
They often appear mischievous, flippant or pompous.
They accept corporate scripts and write anything that will reward with money.
Content being at most secondary.

Sports journalists are simply Gossip Rattle Traps
Political journalists are pathetically, bought biased, or blind.

Football: Unethical Selfish Real Madrid

“Ramon Calderon, ex-president of the Spanish giants, claimed on Tuesday that a £100million bid would not be a problem for Real.”  – clip from a news report.

Regularly over many years the selfish politics of Real Madrid act out without a care for other clubs and the ethical rules of football. Keep your politics inside your club Calderon. Your shenanigans gain no respect from the rest of us.