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Gawpers Island is famous for meaningless time cosuming chit chat by ex sportspeople who earn a living spouting personal opinion accepted mainly because of their personality or reputation. Well known cities include Sky, BT, ITV and Eurosport. Programs are provided to fill the spare time of those unable to entertain their minds in any other way. However Gawping Island can be very helpful to the ill, infirm and retired.

Misuse Of Sporting Privilege

This time its the sport of cricket that is tainted by the those wishing to shortcut the road to success – members of the Australian cricket team.

A right, immunity, or benefit enjoyed only by a person beyond the advantages of most.

These people seem to forget that talent is one thing, but to achieve success and continue success, takes hard work and commitment.

Hard work for many means honorably competing in the pursuit of excellence only to the age of 35-40. They have at least another lifetime to enjoy their highly valuable privilege.

It could be said that the high entertainment value, fame, and sustained success of top sportspeople is because of their hard work and dedication. Fans know it takes continuous hard work and dedication to be a winner without abuse of privilege. Fans admire such achievement.

Sporting privilege pays many of them very well, both financially and socially. They become roll models to the young and aspiring. They bestow their families with high respect and regard from their community.

Misuse of privilege so often results in great pain to family and close associates.

For sportspeople their paramount responsibility is to the sport, themselves, fans and supporters through the commitment to their talent and ability without taking unfair competitive advantage.

Where is the honour in winning, if its achieved unfairly with use of the dark art of CHEATING?

The Sporting Crime Of Cheating

Cheating – The Ultimate Crime Of Sport – What is it?

Its theft of dreams.

Its the monetary theft from fans and supporters

Its an attack on the spirit of the sport. To many fans their team is on their mind much of their life. Sadly, for many its all they have in life.

Its a substitute for talent

Its a substitute for training and preparation

It feeds a culture of “the easy life”

Its the misguided twist to the fans euphoria – that winning is everything.

Its a lack of pride

Its an enormous letdown and disappointment for the fans when the cheating is exposed.

Its an indication that in every society there are those willing to behave in an anti-social way. Maybe an indication of the local culture?

Its ultimately a damage to the sport from loss of corporate sponsorship, loss of fan support, loss of sundry money flows into the sport, jeopardizing incomes to the various people servicing the industry,

In summary: Sports cheats have committed the ultimate sporting crime deserving the ultimate punishment for their lack of respect (for themselves, the fans, the sport, and the sponsors) and lack of sportsmanship!!!