Solheim Cup 2017

Wow, what fun!

I have just spent 3 days watching a ladies golf competition called the Solheim Cup, and enjoyed every second of it. Thrills and spills and outstanding golf.

Surely the two greatest golf competitions are the Solheim Cup and Ryder Cup.

They both are built on the history of the game and history between the two foes. I contend that its this history that makes these two competitions both unique and uncopiable. Furthermore, I suggest these two competitions are the two greatest Majors in women’s and men’s golf today.

They are played biennially which allows host clubs and the media to do justice to them. Also, because of the prestige and fun attached to these great Cups, players strive hard to be picked – thus encouraging golfing standards to remain high.

I am not blind to the fact that there are other great golfing nations who are by definition precluded from this exclusive “club”.

In a strange way this exclusivity helps make the Solheim and Ryder Cups what they are!


Golf, you bloody fool!

Golf, you just kicked Lexi Thompson in the stomach.

Mid-round, playing immaculate, powerful golf and with a comfortable lead she was called for a previous day rule infringement.

Lexi is one of the most gifted honest kind and generous sports ladies around today. She always recognises her fans and they adore her.

The incident that caused a 2 stroke penalty, doubled to 4 strokes, was discovered by a TV viewer to have occurred in the previous days round. Not all the field were televised. So not all the field was under scrutiny by television viewers
The replay of the incident involved a putt of about 15 inches on a perfect patch of green. The penalty was for replacing a marked ball millimetres off the original marked spot – with absolutely no benefit to the player.

We now have a distraught golfing diamond, a winner who knows she did not have a winning score and a public who is very pissed off with the rules. No way should a ruling be allowed in retrospect, after finish of a days play.

To my mind a panel should have been set up to review this incident and have the power, at the very worst, to adjust the penalty to 2 strokes. Even with a 2 stroke penalty Lexi Thompson would have rightly won the Dinah Shore Championship.

As it turned out Lexi lost a play off activated because she actually suffered the full 4 strokes for signing a wrong card. Understandably, affected by the situation, Lexi drove into deep rough. Her opponent hit the green in two.
Golf is apparently governed by knowledgeable, wise, and often captains of industry.

Golf, you bloody fool, you really messed up this time.