Chelsea -v- Manchester City

After losing center forward Morata at the 35 minute mark, Chelsea had no convenient out-ball and were soon swamped for the remainder of the match. Chelsea lost 1-0 at home today.

They brought on Batshuayi but he is not a holding center forward and made no difference. But should they be without a second top center forward right now? I think not.

Divulging his intention to fade out the services of Costa, Manager Conte caused the loss of a top center forward for at least the six months until the January 2018 Transfer Window. Costa could have been on the pitch today, alongside or without Morata.

That would have allowed Chelsea to compete effectively with a real chance of winning.


Jelena Ostapenko tired and precocious

Jelena let herself down in today’s semifinal.

Her wonderfully strong will and determination are her foundation and so admirable. Today she was tired and realised quickly she did not have the energy to win. She loves winning. Her coach came with advice, asking if she was well enough to continue. Only to be told to “go”.  At 20 you dont dismiss your experienced and helpful employees in that way.

No doubt plans for the future will be discussed in private and future behaviour established. Jelena has the most exciting game in women’s tennis. Provided she stays calm and focused her future as leader of womens world tennis is surely certain.

But her service and court etiquette need attention.

Solheim Cup 2017

Wow, what fun!

I have just spent 3 days watching a ladies golf competition called the Solheim Cup, and enjoyed every second of it. Thrills and spills and outstanding golf.

Surely the two greatest golf competitions are the Solheim Cup and Ryder Cup.

They both are built on the history of the game and history between the two foes. I contend that its this history that makes these two competitions both unique and uncopiable. Furthermore, I suggest these two competitions are the two greatest Majors in women’s and men’s golf today.

They are played biennially which allows host clubs and the media to do justice to them. Also, because of the prestige and fun attached to these great Cups, players strive hard to be picked – thus encouraging golfing standards to remain high.

I am not blind to the fact that there are other great golfing nations who are by definition precluded from this exclusive “club”.

In a strange way this exclusivity helps make the Solheim and Ryder Cups what they are!