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Sarah Carter and John Sullivan
Dr Jerome Corsi
David Zublick
​Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot
Linda Moulton Howe, Earthfiles
Joseph Farrell, Giza Death Star
Richard Dolan
Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt
Sibel Edmonds, NewsBud
James Corbett, The Corbett Report
Peter Sweitzer
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert
Sarah Westall
Dane Wigington
David Icke
The Drudge Report
Jordon Maxwell, Jordon Maxwell Show
Joseph Mercola
Miles Johnston
Paul Craig Roberts
Mainstream News: RT, CNN, BBC, FOX, SKY
Jim Marrs
Nassim Haramein
Taborah Tavares,
Dr Judy Wood,
Lynette Zang
Catherine Austen Fitts
Julian Assange
Chris Hedges
Alex Jones
Charles Ortel

Football players want life the easy way

put another way… they want it THEIR way!

But thankfully there are exceptions  – sadly they are a minority.

The others appear to be money grabbing chasers of the easy life. Wanting an easy short cut to money, trophies and glory. Looking to wangle a transfer into a team of true stars that will embrace the frailties of themselves and their sucking agents, and carry them to top trophies and adoration of the paying public.

In fact for many of them the system makes them perfect candidates for the many Radio and  TV celebrity opinion  programs requiring their hot air to fill time.

These pseudo experts take on the mantle of journalists, creating rumour and commenting on other journalist’s idle gossip.

Problem is, the loyal and paying fans lose. And so do experienced hard working and  educated, managers, having to deal with an agitated football audience.


Stupid Management at Chelsea

Stupid that Chelsea let Costa and Matic leave this year.

Stupid that Chelsea’s recruitment policy is not suiting Conte’s management requirements.

Stupid that Chelsea have not properly developed their Academy youngsters through to the first team on a regular basis.

Stupid because they spotted, bought, and ignored the development of Saha and De Bruyne.

Stupid that John Terry was allowed to leave. His influence and presence would have eased the apparent dressing room unrest that exists at the moment.

On Her Racket – Get Set – GO!

Ostapenko is playing in the 2018 St Petersburg Open.

It is normally “on her racket”,  and let me say that Ostapenko is just about my favorite lady tennis player to watch. (well Caroline too of course)

Jelena’s approach, her attitude and concentration are so often highly suspect.

Today, she displayed a naive, mindless, dumb, careless, stupid, wasteful, awful, terrible, crazy approach to the sport of tennis.
What a mis-use of incredible natural tennis ability. So often she wastes her natural talent.

superb – crap – superb – crap – superb – crap = superb crap!

Its Kvitova next.
Watch out Jelena….TROUBLE AHEAD!!!

Wozniacki and Ostapenko same problem (2)!


Antonio Conte the Chelsea Football Manager

has proved his football wisdom and shown great enthusiasm in his work. As a 70 year fan of Chelsea I am grateful we secured his services. He is able to progress the club to a successful future.

However, rumours abound that Conte is not happy with the number and ability of new signings. That he has definite ideas about the style of football required for success is a positive and necessary requirement.  That Conte has had to challenge the behaviour and attitude of Costa, Luiz, and Hazard and maybe others is a sign that players with little awareness of management carelessly consider they know better.

Players earning  the ridiculous money paid by the top clubs should be more humble and aware of their luck and consider others may know a lot more about life than they do.

These naive players should be fitted with earphones, sat alone in a room and played the news about the unfortunates in Yemen, Syria, Lybia, Palestine and other territories where eating, drinking, sleeping, and breathing fresh air is a rare luxury.

Footballers! Think before you speak, and watch your behaviour. Others just might know more about things than you!!!