Ostapenko: A Tennis Jewel!

Ostapenko -v- Kerber.  Jelena lost 3-6, 3-6.

As usual the match was on Jelena’s racket. And as usual she produced the unplayable with the careless. That said, an all-round improvement in her play continues.

Mentally, her choice of hit must include an element of safety as well as her exciting and intimidating all-out attack. Often 100% power is not required. Often going for the lines is also not necessary.  Hitting through the ball but with a little more spin would seem to be the main answer to reducing most of those many unforced errors?

The future is bright. Ostapenko is blessed with the natural talent required for making the necessary improvements which will, I feel,  lift her to queen of women’s tennis over the coming twelve months.

Go girl!

Ostapenko: Obscenely Careless

Eastbourne 2018 versus Radwanska. The match was on Ostapenko’s racket. It was there to be won.

Predictably Ostapenko had yet another bad serving day… even worse than usual. As if that were not bad enough, she failed to take advantage of many unopposed clear cut golden rally winning chances. This is a new trend and must be corrected immediately.

She should have won this match. She should have won this popular tournament. But she didnt!

A WARNING:  Two kinds of people will never last. Golfers chipping for pars, and Jelena Ostapenko wasting her golden chances.

Ostapenko The Most Exciting Personality In Womens Tennis. Seems I Owe Her An Apology!

Potentially the one player, who over the next 10+ years, has the ability to be the top box office attraction for Women’s Tennis.

At end of May, after the 2018 French, I berated a very tired and jaded looking Ostapenko for her all round play. And of course with a service game that was even worse than usual.

Turns out Jelena, my favourite to watch tennis player, men or women, was very ill. Watching her at the time, in my ignorance, I innocently berated her drop in energy and performance.

I hear she has taken time off to celebrate her 21st birthday, do some sightseeing and change her coach. She now appears to be back on track, getting a win today against Kanepi at Eastbourne.

I will be watching her play whenever possible, and looking forward to Jelena making steady progress with her new coach Glenn Schaap. I cannot say it enough times, Jelena Ostapenko is an attackingly superb tennis crowd pleaser.

Potentially the very best!

Ostapenko: Occasion And Complete Lack Of A Service Proved Too Much To Overcome A Very Ordinary Opponent

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