Humans, strange entities & ongoing fight against extinction

Linda Moulton Howe is a foremost researcher and broadcaster of the high strangeness associated with planet Earth, and beyond.

She is marvelously articulate with her work which is a mind blowing detailed series of investigations into the occult and not so hidden. She calls herself a “truth hunter”.

This video covers her thinking on probable dangers from other dimensions and the likely friendly forces fighting on our behalf!

What’s it all about?

On this short video, Kerry Cassidy gives her views about our perceived world and universe.

Kerry is a relentless researcher into the occult. She has published numerous interviews with whistle blowers and also those who themselves have deeply researched this  strange world in which we live. Much of her work covers the sinister, macabre and controversial.

In the video, Kerry suggests we were immortal at the beginning. Personally, I think we, every-THING, every EMOTION, every THOUGHT, all universes and dimensions are  “THE ALL-MIGHTY”. Kerry refers to “THE SOURCE”. Different name – same entity.

Nassim Haramein has recently mathematically proven that all is connected.