Dr Judy Wood

I look at life in America from my comfortable chair in North Surrey, UK. You can do this now.

Of all the Americans that are seen or heard in the media I would like to mention one great person who strikes me as being intellectually gifted, sincere, patriotic, and brave.

Dr Judy Wood bravely, heroically, put her career as a top engineering scientist at risk when she delivered the definitive autopsy on 9/11. Her findings were just the evidence, the facts. No embellishments, just the science. ” we must start with the evidence”.   “let the data talk”.  She asks the question “where did the towers go” in her book of that name which sets out her detailed research and findings.





Found! brave Mexican journalists

“The wounded editor is in hospital, the statement said, and local media said he was in “grave” condition. So far this month, three journalists have been killed across Mexico, which is grappling with rising crime.”  – news report.

My previous post becried the lack of brave journalists. But seems genuine journalists do exist albeit in fear of their lives. Governments owe it to their public to protect the conveyors of truth and morality. I certainly dont mean preaching, but shining a spotlight on matters the public themselves cannot or do not have time to do. The Mexican Government should feel the terrible guilt for the attack on its countries finest.

Would you agree a journalist’s job description calls for hard work, ethics, quality writing, and, at its heart, the desire to tell the truth?