Strzok Hearing 12 July 2018: Pantomime Event Of A Sinister Nature. Oh Yes It Was!

Watching the Hearing today, it seemed a clutch of Democrats were intent on preventing Strzok from giving evidence using a disruptive pre-planned strategy

Jerrold Lewis Nadler, Bonnie Watson Coleman, David Cicilline, Theodore Eliot Deutch, Eric Michael Swalwell (jnr),

Latest Holywood Block-Buster


Yesterday I blogged the seemingly obvious connection between American politics and the Holywood film industry.

Today, I hear the plot for the next block-buster being described… laid out in detail in this entertaining video. Cant wait to see it. Who will play the leads?

So Much Of What Goes On In American High Places Seems To Be Based On Holywood Film Plots!

So Much Of What Goes On In American High Places Seems To Be Based On Holywood Film Plots!

Or is it the other way round?

Current chatter regarding anti-Trump plots, moles, an illegal uranium deal, dodgy judges, tense geopolitics, suspect US legal system, inactivity of Sessions, doubts about the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies, chem trails, seem to be nudging Holywood to produce more block-buster productions.

Has America always been so troubled? Are other countries also experiencing such attacks?


Proof Of Mind Control Technology. Use Of Energy Weapons?

Resulting from release of the US House Report On Russia…

It has been found necessary for the American public to be informed that the Russian Ambassador to the United States being a Russian is customary. Russian nationals are normally appointed to the position, and not to panic that he also speaks to Trump and the Trump Administration.

Talking to leaders of other nations is an everyday desired and legal occurrence. They probably often get served coffee and biscuits, maybe vodka is available? They probably laugh and smile together. Maybe talk American Football? Yes things not considered geo-political. Unbelievable apparently for the American voter!

What a mess what a tragic situation… what mind control the Deep State has over US citizens.


Sinister Dark Forces Are Stopping Us All From Communicating The Truth

Free speech is under attack!

Discussion, argument, and debate are under severe threat worldwide.

Today Google, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are all employed in censuring communication and information. They are cancelling their services to many thousands in the hope of blocking the communication of truth and reason.

This desperation to prevent publication of information is a revealingly strong indication that some force(s) is very afraid and desperate right now.