Trump Talks “Fire & Fury”

Any major attack on North Korea is tantamount to a major attack on the rest of us.

Local nuclear fallout over South Korea, China, Russia and others would poison water, crops and air. But above ground nuclear explosions anywhere affects us all… in every way.

The excuse for doubting North Korea is that they might suddenly  use their weapons and seriously poison the world’s environment… and kill or maim millions.

So now we have talk that the US might use them first with the danger of return fire. To me, this crazy behavior promises the creation of serious pollution of the planet… and the death of millions of us.

America, stop aggravating the kitten and you will not be hissed at with claws showing!!!


What happens in American politics…

……affects the world in some way or another.
Senator Graham sets public meeting to support Trump?  Very unusual behaviour for this politician. Thats concerning in itself.
Could this move indicate he knows something is afoot and getting in ahead of time with his constituents!
Also in front of cameras today are Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Seems there is a start by some to show themselves loyal to the Republican Party. Suspicious. Worrying?