Tony “45” Blair: The Treasonous, Murderous, Bastard Who Lied To Me In My Parliament Says….

we should attack Syria (Assad really of course) over use of chemical gas that may, or may not, have happened.

One thing is clear to me. If Blair says that chemical gas was used by Assad on his people… then it is definitely, categorically, for certain, NOT TRUE!

Syrian Gas Stores: Just A Thought!!!


So to prevent the repeat of a possible horror gas attack on the public by persons unknown… the solution is to purposely explode possible (but unconfirmed) dangerous toxicity into the air using missiles on possible gas stores, the location of which is not proven?

And of course, we have obliterated a possible crime scene that newly arrived independent  inspectors came to investigate.

Convenient America – no proof about anything to check, one way or another!!!



Dr Jerome Corsi: I Cannot Agree With Your Strong Opinion On Creation Of Israel Or Leniency On Current Trump War Decisions

A lawless group after WW2 decided it a good idea to steal a piece of sovereign land in order to plant a new country for Jews. Out and out lawlessness.

Nor do I agree with Corsi’s support for any kind of attack on Syrian sovereign land and people. Syria has invited just one country for help in maintaining civil law and order. Russia. All others are illegal invaders.

Any attack on Syria involves loss of life to families under fire. The recent attack by America produced deaths and loss of parents. That was an illegal attack on a non-aggressive nation. A disgrace Dr Corsi.

American Empire in decline. A strange panic has caused US to restrict broadcaster RT!

In the battlefield called Geo Politics, America has just shown a surprising weakness. Seems words and pictures have breached America’s ring of steel. How foolish will this unreasonable action turn out to be? After all, who needs free speech and democracy?

This video will help you understand America’s feeling of weakness, and pathetic panic.

Trump Talks “Fire & Fury”

Any major attack on North Korea is tantamount to a major attack on the rest of us.

Local nuclear fallout over South Korea, China, Russia and others would poison water, crops and air. But above ground nuclear explosions anywhere affects us all… in every way.

The excuse for doubting North Korea is that they might suddenly¬† use their weapons and seriously poison the world’s environment… and kill or maim millions.

So now we have talk that the US might use them first with the danger of return fire. To me, this crazy behavior promises the creation of serious pollution of the planet… and the death of millions of us.

America, stop aggravating the kitten and you will not be hissed at with claws showing!!!