What’s it all about?

On this short video, Kerry Cassidy gives her views about our perceived world and universe.

Kerry is a relentless researcher into the occult. She has published numerous interviews with whistle blowers and also those who themselves have deeply researched this  strange world in which we live. Much of her work covers the sinister, macabre and controversial.

In the video, Kerry suggests we were immortal at the beginning. Personally, I think we, every-THING, every EMOTION, every THOUGHT, all universes and dimensions are  “THE ALL-MIGHTY”. Kerry refers to “THE SOURCE”. Different name – same entity.

Nassim Haramein has recently mathematically proven that all is connected.



We are trapped in an illusion

Jordon Maxwell, renowned researcher, believes….

“Our Universe, The Earth, Our World, is not what you think it is!
Nothing is as it appears
Nothing operates the way you think it does
Nothing is real
We are trapped in an illusion”

Jordon Maxwell’s current legitimatl website: jordonmaxwellshow.com

NB: First 10 minutes is an exercise in identity theft

A must watch!




Education Education Education

Dumbing down is the deliberate over simplification of intellectual content within education, literature, cinema, news, video games and culture in order to relate to those unable to assimilate more sophisticated information.

Are we all receiving highly biased and filtered information?
Is any information being purposely prevented from reaching us?
If so, how coordinated and organised is this censorship – and to what purpose?

Mind Control in The UK

In Britain, are we all under some sort of mind control and so not inclined to challenge the establishment in any meaningful way?  Examples of what I mean.

The media and politicians just do not seem able to fight on our behalf. We are told that mega amounts are going to be spent on armaments. Do we fight the right fights? Vast amounts on Foreign Aid. Do these funds ever reach the destitute? Support for the elderly is very soon going to be cut back even further. Then of course, as ever, continual cuts to the NHS.

There seems to be an inevitability about the continuous decline in living standards of the British people.
Well for most of us anyway!!!