Football Talking Shops For Windbags

Copycat journalism practiced by the the herd. Tell the fans what they want to hear. Its easier that way!

Day in day out, and without thorough and perceptive analysis, hordes of ex-players and wannabe football experts populate the mass of sports programs in order to deliver their journalistic wisdom.

Manchester City will reign evermore in the Premier League. They are about to take over the world of football. Pep is the best ever. His tactics are sublime. English managers dont have that magic touch required to compete at the highest level. This player will move there. That manager will move here. And the rest.

Exceptions are very few. The others, like sheep, spout out the repeated waffle of the herd in order to earn some extra bucks. And according to the likes of Sky Sports, entertain the viewers.

To see, to hear, these perceptive experts after their predictions are dashed as poppycock, is embarrassing – but seemingly not themselves. So meek and philosophical they will have become.

In fact all journalism seems to suffer the same malaise – not just sports reporting.



Caruana Galizia killed by car bomb

A prominent blogger in Malta, who had accused the island’s government of corruption, has died in a car bomb attack, according to police.

Daphne Caruana Galizia, 53, was reportedly killed when the car she was driving exploded shortly after she left her home in Bidnija, near Mosta.

Clearly this brave heroin hit an exposed nerve of the Malta Swamp.

May her God and the people of Malta recognize her fight, and bless her courageous soul.

Found! brave Mexican journalists

“The wounded editor is in hospital, the statement said, and local media said he was in “grave” condition. So far this month, three journalists have been killed across Mexico, which is grappling with rising crime.” ¬†– news report.

My previous post becried the lack of brave journalists. But seems genuine journalists do exist albeit in fear of their lives. Governments owe it to their public to protect the conveyors of truth and morality. I certainly dont mean preaching, but shining a spotlight on matters the public themselves cannot or do not have time to do. The Mexican Government should feel the terrible guilt for the attack on its countries finest.

Would you agree a journalist’s job description calls for hard work, ethics, quality writing, and, at its heart, the desire to tell the truth?

Journalists be damned!

 Where are the top sport and political journalists?

My opinion of journalism is very low and highly suspicious.
They often appear mischievous, flippant or pompous.
They accept corporate scripts and write anything that will reward with money.
Content being at most secondary.

Sports journalists are simply Gossip Rattle Traps
Political journalists are pathetically, bought biased, or blind.