Jelena Ostapenko, Ladies Wimbledon Champion 2018. That’s How It Should Have Been!

Despite her noted awful Service, Jelena reached the Semi Final and played Angelique Kerber. From the start, Kerber chose outright “granny tennis” leaving Ostapenko to beat herself. Ostapenko duly obliged then, and numerous times since against even the lowliest ranked opponents.

Without a doubt if Jelena had taken but a few more of the outstanding chances she set up for herself  the Final was a certainty. She would most certainly have beaten Serena in my opinion.

Jelena plays the top ranked and big occasions as well any player ever has. She was born a crowd pleaser with a strong minded intrepid adventurous character that thrives in front of large crowds.

With just a little more care, that could have been two Grand Slams!!!

Ostapenko: Its Pointless Without A Service!

The problem is now more than just a dreadful service. Her once confident, entertaining and dynamic personality and spirit are waning fast. The natural talent and flowing rally skills seem stunted by the lack of “free” service points.

Is the highly respected and knowledgeable Navratilova now probably the only personality that could get to Jelena?