Jelena Ostapenko the Future of Ladies Tennis

Bubbly, gifted, precocious, fun, entertaining and a win-junkie.  Exciting. A crowd-pleaser.

Just 20, her current strategy seems to be “see ball hit winner”. With this risky aggressive approach she is already a Wimbledon Junior Winner and French Open Champion! Whats more, all achieved with the most awful service game.

Her current adventurous strategy needs minor revision. A little more use of the slice against certain opponents, maybe? Also, sometimes one more shot to set up play might be a preferred option. A fraction more patience will not dilute her dynamic attacking philosophy or entertaining performances.

But one thing she must address – her service. Its obvious that to win, and win with more comfort, improvement in this stroke is imperative.


Jelena Ostapenko tired and precocious

Jelena let herself down in today’s semifinal.

Her wonderfully strong will and determination are her foundation and so admirable. Today she was tired and realised quickly she did not have the energy to win. She loves winning. Her coach came with advice, asking if she was well enough to continue. Only to be told to “go”.  At 20 you dont dismiss your experienced and helpful employees in that way.

No doubt plans for the future will be discussed in private and future behaviour established. Jelena has the most exciting game in women’s tennis. Provided she stays calm and focused her future as leader of womens world tennis is surely certain.

But her service and court etiquette need attention.

Miss Tennis Fantastic

Jelena Ostapenko – fun, feisty and fearless – the future of tennis. Ladies tennis in particular.

Incredibly, this tennis princess is still learning and will get even better! She obviously has a service that requires tweaking, and flat ground shots that sometimes require a little more net clearance for comfort. Mentally aware, she easily makes vital physical adjustments and strategic decisions.  Jelena Ostapenko is a tennis great in the making.

She is already financially independent from her own efforts. Meaning she can afford comfortable travel and continued top coaching and advice.

That Jelena is easy on the eye and a bundle of personality is a wonderful gift to the sport of tennis.