The world does not have a water shortage – not even in Israel, the Sahara or California!

But we do have the privatization of water.

A distinction is made.
Primary water comes from beneath the ground, not from the sky. Water from the sky is called secondary water.

Water underground is said to be 5 times the volume on the surface.
The world does not have a water shortage – NO WATER SCARCITY

9/11 Cooked Alive

We refuse to believe that a Government would betray its peopleā€¦ would purposely harm its people. Would have them choke with smoke, burn with fire, jump from tower blocks.

The horror, the treachery, the evil of 9/11. An ongoing crime.

Secret Societies and Proceedings

John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy.
A leader of Mankind. Amazingly considerate politician. An enemy of evil. A martyr.