US History: The Debt, Right of Self Determination, Constitution, Matrices, International Law

David Williams talking about the legal power of nations in 2011.

Some topics covered by this video:
The Sweeping clause.
International Law is the supreme law of the land.
Part played by John Adams, attorney.
Colonies use servants and slaves.
Confederated republics.
Divine right of kings. Powers of a king.
Capital letters change legal meaning of a state document.
Ecclesiastical Law.

Law of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

Part I: U.S Citizens Have no Rights

Part 1. Sarah Westall and David Williams – 3  Keys to Freedom

Discussion about the History of the United States and its constitution.
What is International Law?
What is the Law Of Nations?
The law as you very probably understand it is completely different.
You will be amazed!… and slightly unbalanced?

Law of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)