Football: The Time Foul

Time wasting has to be officially recognised under a new foul called a “Time Foul

Currently, inept referees are allowing time fouls which enrage the fee paying fans and go against the spirit of the sport of Football.

The answers are simple, just O-Level intelligence required.

1. Recognise sooner the goalkeeping time fouls with yellow cards.

2. Recognise time wasting at throwins by revising the original throwin decision in favour of the opposition.

3. Yellow-card the oncoming substitute for exiting player not leaving the field of play in a sporting manner.

To think, that football authorities are delaying universal VAR because it wastes time. VAR would improve the sport. So would the time foul.

VAR is not an annoying, game stopping time wasting occurrence. Its slight interference with play goes utterly unnoticed compared with other game delaying events.

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Mourinho, The Press, and Conte

True to form, recently Mourinho commented on managers who get very animated during football matches. Media interviewers assuming the  comment was against Conte, pressed for a comment from Conte. Refusing comment at first, Conte was eventually prompted to reply, and reminded Mourinho of his own antics on the touchline for many years.

Mourinho switched matters by saying his remarks were not against Conte, but himself, and that he  may be many things, but not a match fixer in Italy. So out of nowhere Mourinho decides to fire off a political missile which understandably raised the heat to slander level.

Conte felt Mourinho’s unreasonable comment required reply and called Mourinho an “amnesiac”,  “little man” and a “fake”.

Having caused a furore, yesterday Mourinho announces he is not making further comments on the subject. Shame he did not keep quiet to begin with.

But that was yesterday – and because the Mourinho mouth is permanently switched on, today he has says he feels “contempt” for the row in which he and Chelsea boss Antonio Conte have traded words.

When Mourinho first hit the Premier League, I found him a breath of fresh air. Entertaining as a person, and highly effective as a coach. But now, I feel there is a chip of some kind appearing on that coaches shoulders.

Brush it off and start being an interesting human being again, Jose!!!

Football: Unethical Selfish Real Madrid

“Ramon Calderon, ex-president of the Spanish giants, claimed on Tuesday that a £100million bid would not be a problem for Real.”  – clip from a news report.

Regularly over many years the selfish politics of Real Madrid act out without a care for other clubs and the ethical rules of football. Keep your politics inside your club Calderon. Your shenanigans gain no respect from the rest of us.

Football: A job for John Terry

To allow the experience and leadership of John Terry to leave Chelsea would be a ‘criminal’ act against the sport of football. The Chelsea Academy of young potentials would benefit greatly from John’s commitment, knowledge and footballing nous.

He would give Chelsea the chance to progress Chelsea schooled youngsters through to the first team. Thus ending the dreadful record of frustrated Chelsea youngsters being no more than loanees to other clubs around the world.

To say nothing of the savings on purchasing high cost contracts from competing academies!

Football: Bring in technology – NOW!

The standard of referees and linesmen is poor. And most times its not their fault.

Nowadays the game is a lot faster putting added demands on referees and linesmen. So many matches are marred by bad calls that potentially affect the game being played, the loyal fans wanting fairness, and clubs who in some cases stand to lose millions. To say nothing about being deprived of top honours due to bad decisions on the field.

Just watched a prestigious match between Manchester City and Monaco. The entertainment provided by two outstanding attacking teams was a joy. However the defence of both teams was poor, the performance by the referee was poor, and linesmen decisions were below par.

Why on earth is technology being purposely blocked with the pathetic excuse that it would kill the soul of the game. Also a very dubious Yellow Card was handed out. Wrongly delivered cards once again impinge on fairness and the future progress of the penalised team.

Backup can be provided to the match referee in a matter of seconds most times. With common sense, technology will vastly improve the fun that is football.