Chelsea: Who The Hell Sold Matic and Costa without quality replacements?

I have been a supporter, a fan, of Chelsea Football Club from the Chelsea Music Hall Days (Chelsea Palace Of Varieties) till now. About 1947 till 2018 – some 71 years.

In 2018, Chelsea seem to be at yet another critical moment in its interesting history. Its future as a topmost performing world football club is dependent on wise and thoughtful decisions about its future, soon to be made.

Today I ask a troubling managerial question which I leave hanging.

In 2018, who the hell thought it a good idea to sell Matic and Costa without top quality replacements? Matic and Costa are players with a massive pith presence.

They are top quality players who can look after themselves and give support to others. Attributes so needed against Tottenham Hotspurs last weekend.

Spurs have always been a very physical side. On Sunday Erik Lamela and Jan Vertonghen were roaming the pitch, elbowing and tackling like demented bulls. Both Hazard and Fabregas received recklessly painful physical attacks that should have seen two red cards and two Tottenham players expelled from the game. I say “game” but for those two it was more like war!



Football: Bring in technology – NOW!

The standard of referees and linesmen is poor. And most times its not their fault.

Nowadays the game is a lot faster putting added demands on referees and linesmen. So many matches are marred by bad calls that potentially affect the game being played, the loyal fans wanting fairness, and clubs who in some cases stand to lose millions. To say nothing about being deprived of top honours due to bad decisions on the field.

Just watched a prestigious match between Manchester City and Monaco. The entertainment provided by two outstanding attacking teams was a joy. However the defence of both teams was poor, the performance by the referee was poor, and linesmen decisions were below par.

Why on earth is technology being purposely blocked with the pathetic excuse that it would kill the soul of the game. Also a very dubious Yellow Card was handed out. Wrongly delivered cards once again impinge on fairness and the future progress of the penalised team.

Backup can be provided to the match referee in a matter of seconds most times. With common sense, technology will vastly improve the fun that is football.


Football Referees and Technology

Today, yet another match of dubious decisions by the onfield officials.
Manchester United – v – Bournemouth in the UK Premier League
So much at stake! – bring in technology to help referees.

Football Referees and Technology -2

Inside a week, another huge, major, massive error by a match linesman may well have given Manchester United the Cup Final against Southampton. Of course my blogs only record the matches I get to see. Goodness only knows the extent of this problem?  Is Professional Football the richest sport in the world, churning billions per year?  Is it the most watched sport in the world? Yet the professional side of football is horribly marred by inadequate refereeing.