Brexit: UK to break Political Union

Markets – trade – sales – money – wealth – power….. If you think that’s how businesses think, and if you believe Deep State and Mr Big back that idea ….

… then European business needs the UK market. And UK business needs the European market.
Both will look to other markets too, but the shere convenience of proximity and existing ties and familiarity all strongly sauggests the UK will break with political Europe….

……..and stay with the European trading area.

What happens in American politics…

……affects the world in some way or another.
Senator Graham sets public meeting to support Trump?  Very unusual behaviour for this politician. Thats concerning in itself.
Could this move indicate he knows something is afoot and getting in ahead of time with his constituents!
Also in front of cameras today are Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Seems there is a start by some to show themselves loyal to the Republican Party. Suspicious. Worrying?