25 Years From Now! My Predictions For The Next 25 Years.

My Quick 25 Year Predictions  (1984 updated!)

  • A Cashless world. Trials already in progress.
  • Block Chain managed Bank accounts.
  • American Middle Classes greatly reduced. And Asian Middle Classes growing in America.
  •  Rapid increase in Asian influence on Western economies and lifestyles backed by advances in Asian military strength. EU to grow a substantial Military.
  • Male sperm counts continue to reduce.
  • Introduction of a formal Universal Social Credit System (USCS) with access to all bank accounts, Automatic payments and receipts, fines and taxes automatically calculated and charged to bank accounts. Credits given and taken at the whim of Government. Lack of funds to pay debts could lead to hunger and banning of international travel,  but also reduce one’s USCS account balance.
  • USCS credit increased or decreased according to the people you socialise with and work for.
  •  Assets register recording wealth could be used to automatically raise funds to meet financial obligations. Search for “The Real ID Card”, the system underway in America. Search the term  “Fatherland Card”, the program being introduced to Venezuela! Then there is China who has a massive control system in operation.
  • Chipping of humanity, most gadgets and household equipment. Similar for company assets. Linking to USCS with automatic charging of consumption to bank accounts
  • 5G is being introduced to allow universal spying. To collect universal data. 5G/WiFi technology will further develop and improve the ability for physical and psychological control of humanity. 5G will carry severe health issues.
  • Increased realisation that there is a covert Breakaway Civilisation that not only dominates the overt public face of government but sinisterly acts in its own interest.
  • Taxation simplified. Introduction of Transaction Taxes. All other taxes abolished.
  • The Internet Of Things becomes highly sophisticated. Increased encroachment on personal privacy. Automatic personal location within ten feet anywhere on Earth. This is already installed.
  • Artificial Intelligence and behavioral profiling allowing  identification and crime prediction. Automatic AI arrests, prosecutions sentencing and imprisonment. including applicable death sentence.
  • Exotic appliances supplying free energy.
  • Weather control and weather weaponry. Already a reality.
  • We will realise Earth is currently cooling not warming.
  • Water and vaccine usage to infest humanity, indeed all life.
  • Realisation that Vaccines are a mode of DNA manipulation
  • Water and fresh air control and commodification.
  • Population control. Planned reduction of populations has been used many times in history. This practice to continue and to an even greater extent.
  • Three official genders: Male, Female, and Cyborg (made law for legal and taxation purposes).
  • Voting fraud continuation.
  • Nationalism – v – Globalism. Fierce battles.
  • Biological warfare. Continuation of biological weapons.
  • Realisation that education of the masses is dumbed down to restrict reality and truth. Whilst education for the select minority is devised for the various Deep State/ Breakaway Civilisation requirements.
  • Realisation that interplanetary travel and wars have existed over eons.
  • Realisation that Earth is also inhabited underground with vast and highly sophisticated transportation among other things.
  • Realisation that Space is filled with water vapour. Hydrogen and Oxygen abound. Water is perhaps the glue of the Universe? That Suns also have water!
  • The Moon is an artificially made structure – and inhabited.
  • Use of US Military Tribunals. US Legal System corrupt. Already active.

Nationalists versus Globalists

In Battle America it has become obvious the Globalists now rely less on public opinion to win Elections, and more on the Voting Systems and personnel that manage the votes!

To support this strategy, they are able to employ the services of a powerful dedicated army consisting of at least 7 known brigades.

  • MSM and Poling Division.
  • Banking Division-
  • CIA Division
  • FBI Division
  • Silicon Valley Division
  • Hollywood Division
  • Central Intelligence Division: (management of  Legal matters, propaganda, collection of  intelligence and and Information. the management of spies, collaborations with friendly foreign agencies, and weak Nationalists)

Five Eyes, China, Russia, World Politics, GeoPolitics, And International Swamp Dwellers.

In America right now, we have the ongoing star bout between the Demon Rats and The Repugnicans. Parties so named because of individual members of Congress showing allegiance to the Swamp and not to the voters who put them in office.

Politics in the raw. Politics made aware to the general voting public by the existance of technology. Technology that is being attacked by The Swamp.

Filipinos.The Philippine Nation. President of the Philippines Speaks

This is a wonderfully realistic sincere pragmatic down to earth interview with President Rodrigo Duterte of The Philippines.

I have known numerous Filipino people both privately and whilst they served UK hospitals and other services. I found them to be generous friendly hard working people who in most cases are obliged to earn an income that they can share with families back in the Philippines. Most are very religious and very keen on living their lives according to the teachings of the Catholoic Church.

Dr Jerome Corsi: I Cannot Agree With Your Strong Opinion On Creation Of Israel Or Leniency On Current Trump War Decisions

A lawless group after WW2 decided it a good idea to steal a piece of sovereign land in order to plant a new country for Jews. Out and out lawlessness.

Nor do I agree with Corsi’s support for any kind of attack on Syrian sovereign land and people. Syria has invited just one country for help in maintaining civil law and order. Russia. All others are illegal invaders.

Any attack on Syria involves loss of life to families under fire. The recent attack by America produced deaths and loss of parents. That was an illegal attack on a non-aggressive nation. A disgrace Dr Corsi.

American Empire in decline. A strange panic has caused US to restrict broadcaster RT!

In the battlefield called Geo Politics, America has just shown a surprising weakness. Seems words and pictures have breached America’s ring of steel. How foolish will this unreasonable action turn out to be? After all, who needs free speech and democracy?

This video will help you understand America’s feeling of weakness, and pathetic panic.

Trump Talks “Fire & Fury”

Any major attack on North Korea is tantamount to a major attack on the rest of us.

Local nuclear fallout over South Korea, China, Russia and others would poison water, crops and air. But above ground nuclear explosions anywhere affects us all… in every way.

The excuse for doubting North Korea is that they might suddenly  use their weapons and seriously poison the world’s environment… and kill or maim millions.

So now we have talk that the US might use them first with the danger of return fire. To me, this crazy behavior promises the creation of serious pollution of the planet… and the death of millions of us.

America, stop aggravating the kitten and you will not be hissed at with claws showing!!!