Chelsea -v- Manchester City

After losing center forward Morata at the 35 minute mark, Chelsea had no convenient out-ball and were soon swamped for the remainder of the match. Chelsea lost 1-0 at home today.

They brought on Batshuayi but he is not a holding center forward and made no difference. But should they be without a second top center forward right now? I think not.

Divulging his intention to fade out the services of Costa, Manager Conte caused the loss of a top center forward for at least the six months until the January 2018 Transfer Window. Costa could have been on the pitch today, alongside or without Morata.

That would have allowed Chelsea to compete effectively with a real chance of winning.


Football: A job for John Terry

To allow the experience and leadership of John Terry to leave Chelsea would be a ‘criminal’ act against the sport of football. The Chelsea Academy of young potentials would benefit greatly from John’s commitment, knowledge and footballing nous.

He would give Chelsea the chance to progress Chelsea schooled youngsters through to the first team. Thus ending the dreadful record of frustrated Chelsea youngsters being no more than loanees to other clubs around the world.

To say nothing of the savings on purchasing high cost contracts from competing academies!