Chelsea – v – West Ham 2018: Chelsea For First 20 Minutes were Excellent, Then 74 minutes Treading Water!

Throughout Chelsea decision making was very poor by some. Hazard, Kante, Willian and Jorginho the main culprits. At times Hazard overdose the tricky and pretty. Both sides missed glaring opportunities to get three points. A shame Pedro was injured. His speed and direct play might have been an effective substitute? The game ended a no-score draw.

However, there was some very good news. Ross Barkley continues to improve and impress.

Manchester City and  Liverpool would have beaten this West Ham side today. Chelsea play Liverpool twice over coming week. Interesting!


Chelsea Football Club: Trouble Ahead?

After watching Chelsea play Manchester City yesterday, I fear for Chelsea finishing in the top ten this season.

There was no player, and no aspect of the Chelsea performance, that suggested hope for a reasonable challenge in league or cups. After all the money ( some spent very poorly) and string of top coaches, Chelsea find the first team and youth team  progress back to the period prior to the Abramovich era!

Hazard Of Chelsea £340,00 per week?


If he blasts the ball wide or over the bar in a scoring position, or not performing at an 8plus rating… he must pay a “percentage fine” back into a Fund For Attending Fans. All attending fans supply bank details and fines are distributed twice per season.

£340,000 is an obscene amount when millions are dying from lack of clean water and or food. Of course Hazard is not the only overpaid individual in this world of under-privileged.

Do not trust administration of charities, or I would recommend a football charity for the extreme needy.