To create interest, to excite or arouse agreeably: to tease, to increase the fancy.

Recently I encountered the word titillate with two different people. Afterwards I started to think more about this word and its application.

Is it generally accepted as a word associated with something naughty? Sexual?

After all, titillation can come from within a person. A memory. An association. From an advert. From a comment. A passing glance. From a touch. Receipt of a gift. Can flowers titillate?

Do women feel aroused like men do.

What titillates women?
Does a woman need to be titillated before accepting a date.
If a woman takes a second look at a man is to check on his shoes, his hair, his style of dress? Could he afford me on a date?

If a man takes a second look at a woman is to check on her figure, her curves?
What’s she like in bed?

What do YOU think?