Ostapenko Now Playing With Lack Of Feel In All Parts Of Her Game. Her Marvelous Natural Ability Is Not Prevailing

Today against Wang she started off very positively and the first three games showed much promise for the match. At this stage I thought her service was very positive and threatening. Playing with apparent confidence and positivity, poor luck and a couple of weak decisions when in an excellent position, went against her. From there all confidence waned as she went on to a 6-0 6-0 defeat.

[Additional comment: Since writing my original post, it has been revealed that Ostapeno suffered a  more serious wrist injury than first thought. That would explain the drop-off in form after the closely fought first three games.]

To play the style she  loves, and we love,  requires a finely tuned inbuilt radar that must be working efficiently. At the moment it is not.

She still does not have a PlanB. And her service, Oh! that service, is a traitor to her cause. Is a specialist Service Coach the answer? Certainly a dose of Navratilova would not go amiss.

She tried the drop shot with complete nativity. But then so many players play the drop with complete lack of commitment. The ball MUST have enough height and strength to reach and clear the net. If it goes wrong by sitting up for an easy return thats understandable. For the ball to hit the bottom of the net is criminal. The opponent MUST be made to win the point.

Come on Jelena!

You have a wonderful gift. Show us your French Open confidence, commitment, grit and sparkle… and smile.