The law, symbols, signs, sex, and the stars

Jordon Maxwell will open your mind to this very strange world.

Universally there are two kinds of law
1.  Maritime Law (law of water) – the law of money.
2.  Civil Law. Law of the land, and Uniform Commercial Law (UCC)

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We are trapped in an illusion

Jordon Maxwell, renowned researcher, believes….

“Our Universe, The Earth, Our World, is not what you think it is!
Nothing is as it appears
Nothing operates the way you think it does
Nothing is real
We are trapped in an illusion”

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A must watch!





To create interest, to excite or arouse agreeably: to tease, to increase the fancy.

Recently I encountered the word titillate with two different people. Afterwards I started to think more about this word and its application.

Is it generally accepted as a word associated with something naughty? Sexual?

After all, titillation can come from within a person. A memory. An association. From an advert. From a comment. A passing glance. From a touch. Receipt of a gift. Can flowers titillate?

Do women feel aroused like men do.

What titillates women?
Does a woman need to be titillated before accepting a date.
If a woman takes a second look at a man is to check on his shoes, his hair, his style of dress? Could he afford me on a date?

If a man takes a second look at a woman is to check on her figure, her curves?
What’s she like in bed?

What do YOU think?