Northern Ireland – v – Switzerland shame!

Switzerland scored a penalty to win the match 1-0.

But the penalty was very obviously a ghastly error by officials. The ball hit a defender on the back of the shoulder from about 6 feet. Too close to call. No hand ball. No penalty.  Yet another instance of officials getting straightforward decisions very wrong.

This was a World Cup Qualifier in which Northern Ireland were robbed of a draw. Immediate steps must be taken to prevent future mistakes.

Journalists be damned!

 Where are the top sport and political journalists?

My opinion of journalism is very low and highly suspicious.
They often appear mischievous, flippant or pompous.
They accept corporate scripts and write anything that will reward with money.
Content being at most secondary.

Sports journalists are simply Gossip Rattle Traps
Political journalists are pathetically, bought biased, or blind.