Journalists be damned!

 Where are the top sport and political journalists?

My opinion of journalism is very low and highly suspicious.
They often appear mischievous, flippant or pompous.
They accept corporate scripts and write anything that will reward with money.
Content being at most secondary.

Sports journalists are simply Gossip Rattle Traps
Political journalists are pathetically, bought biased, or blind.

Boxing: Hay – v – Bellew

The fight is on Saturday. Today is Tuesday. Hay is threatening to end his opponent’s career. He wants to physically maim a fellow professional and remove his chance to earn inside the ring in the future. So often the lead up to a professional boxing match involves talk of permanent damage to an opponent. I ask…

Is this the mindset of a glorious gladiator or of a mindless thug?
Should the promoters cancel the fight?

Hay quotes:
“I need to go out there and do a complete and utter destruction job on Tony Bellew. I want to make sure that is it – it’s over for him and that he is never fighting again”
“I don’t want him to come back and start defending his titles. He has disrespected me too much for that. I need to finish his career in one fight and I will do it”