So Much Of What Goes On In American High Places Seems To Be Based On Holywood Film Plots!

Or is it the other way round?

Current chatter regarding anti-Trump plots, moles, an illegal uranium deal, dodgy judges, tense geopolitics, suspect US legal system, inactivity of Sessions, doubts about the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies, chem trails, seem to be nudging Hollywood to produce more block-buster productions.

Has America always been so troubled? Are other countries also experiencing such attacks?


Internet Sources That Influence My Blogs

People of interest whose work I frequently visit – in no intended order…

Catherine Austin Fitts
Nassim Haramein
Dr Judy Wood, Where Did The Towers Go? Dr Judy
Thomas And Betsy,
Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips, Trance Formation Of America
Deborah Tavares,
Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot
Linda Moulton Howe, Earthfiles
Joseph Farrell, Giza Death Star
Richard Dolan
Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt
Elana Freeland
Sarah Westall
James Corbett, The Corbett Report
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert
Dane Wigington
David Icke
The Drudge Report
Jordon Maxwell, Jordon Maxwell Show
Joseph Mercola
Miles Johnston
Jim Marrs
Robert David Steele
Lisa Haven
Justus Knight
Various MSM stations
Dustin Nemos
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Lionel Nation
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Dave Janda
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Sarah Carter and John Sullivan
Dr Jerome Corsi
Raymond Francis
Grant Cameron
David Zublick
Peter Sweitzer
SGT Report
Paul Craig Roberts
Sports on TV
Jim Marrs
Dave Janda
Lynette Zang
Julian Assange
Chris Hedges
Alex Jones
Charles Ortel
Attorney Stephen Pidgeon

Future of Earth and Humanity

Nature gave us the SUN to provide all the necessary energy for the creation, regeneration and continued existence of life and vegetation on Earth.

Our Sun naturally and automatically impacts our DNA, atmosphere, weather, food, and water supply.

It is often said these days, that Earth’s life span is to be measured in billions of years. That numerous controlling surface beings have existed and perished.

Perished? Did they destroy themselves?

Today, the year 2017, there seems to be warning signs that human beings are manipulating and destroying life as we once new it. With the advent of technology and understanding of quantum theory we are seriously affecting the roles of the Sun and of Nature.

Topics discussed in video below:

Plasma – Plasma Dome – scientists – global elites – The NGA – governments – technology – HAARP –  CHEMtrails – ionised sky – nano technology – space operations – weaponisation of space – DNA – trans humanism and genetics… and more.

What’s it all about?

On this short video, Kerry Cassidy gives her views about our perceived world and universe.

Kerry is a relentless researcher into the occult. She has published numerous interviews with whistle blowers and also those who themselves have deeply researched this  strange world in which we live. Much of her work covers the sinister, macabre and controversial.

In the video, Kerry suggests we were immortal at the beginning. Personally, I think we, every-THING, every EMOTION, every THOUGHT, all universes and dimensions are  “THE ALL-MIGHTY”. Kerry refers to “THE SOURCE”. Different name – same entity.

Nassim Haramein has recently mathematically proven that all is connected.