Who is Claudier Stauber?

She is an entrepreneur,  author, activist, animal lover and Earth advocate. She publishes a Face Book podcast, and is founder of the very excellent You Tube  Chanel ‘Cabin Talk’.

Born and raised in Germany Claudia came to the US in 1992 and initially lived in Washington D.C. for 11 years. In 2003 she made the move to Vermont which has become her forever home. She lives in a log cabin in the woods with an ever changing menagerie of animals… and plans never to leave!

FaceBook page:  https://www.facebook.com/claudia.stauber

For some time, I have followed the work of this sassy community builder.

I find this charming  lady to be interesting, welcoming, giving, responsive, fun, warm, homely, natural, feminine, hopeful, and patriotic.

What is Cabin Talk?

Irish Humour

Humor is just another defense against the universe. – Mel Brooks

We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language – Oscar Wilde

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. – Margaret Mead

To get back my youth I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable. ― Oscar Wilde

A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.― Irina Dunn

Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping ― Oscar Wilde

What happened to the magic tractor?
It went down the road and turned into a field!