I Was Presented With Buckets Of Little Babies. “I Would Give Them A Little Funeral”.

What power, what energy, what entity, what evil is responsible for hundreds of millions of  needless deaths, injuries, pain and slavery. Here is a testimony delivered by a Doctor Of Pathology deeply affected by her daily job.

Its not just tissue”.  “I was brainwashed”.


White Christmas: The Epitome Of Warmth Peace Togetherness And Family – And Bing Crosby!

The more I listen to Bing’s music I appreciate even more his warmth, presence, tone of voice, his lyrical messages and enunciation of the words. Yet despite what the great crooner/ entertainer does for others, with his clear uplifting messages of warmth and solace, I get the impression that he, himself, was not at peace with himself.

One more?

1984: Thought Crime by “Hitler Dog”


The UK is in a sorry state. Is a sorry state. Frightened of a dog in a hat. This is against freedom of thought, humour, and art. We now have Thought Criminals. This is sinister, a crime against art and freedom of thought. Its tyranny. Vicious. Mind control. Frightening. I have no respect for my Government. Dave Allen must be turning in his grave.

The arresting officers should be ashamed to make arrests for these fun occasions.