Nationalists versus Globalists

In Battle America it has become obvious the Globalists now rely less on public opinion to win Elections, and more on the Voting Systems and personnel that manage the votes!

To support this strategy, they are able to employ the services of a powerful dedicated army consisting of at least 7 known brigades.

  • MSM and Poling Division.
  • Banking Division-
  • CIA Division
  • FBI Division
  • Silicon Valley Division
  • Hollywood Division
  • Central Intelligence Division: (management of  Legal matters, propaganda, collection of  intelligence and and Information. the management of spies, collaborations with friendly foreign agencies, and weak Nationalists)

Strange Rapid Forming Hurricane Michael Devastates Huge Republican Voting Area.

Critical Mid-Term Elections greatly affected. Thousands either dead, badly injured, without power, without food, medical help, or homeless.

Furthermore, many polling locations have been wiped out.

Globalist Resistance: The Fight For All Life, Freedom, Sovereignty, And Truth

Scientists & Engineers, Agriculturists & Farmers, Health & Medical Practitioners, Police & Military, Legal Minds, An Independent Professional Media. The Resistance Movement will rely on input and help from folks representing all abilities, expertise and walks of life.

The aim is clear. The road unpaved. The fight dark. Hope the spur. Our Goal –  to win and to hold!!!

Ireland. Poor Ireland!

Irish Schools System enabling cooking of children.