Some say as many as 500 people could have died in the blaze at Grenfell Tower which is situated in perhaps the richest borough of London.

It is thought that many were not registered residents.
Officially 80 people died in the fire

Clearly an official independent investigation is needed to fully determine exactly what caused, and what followed, the fire.

But what do we get?

Dame Judith Hackit, a few hours after resigning as director of the Energy Saving Trust, which promotes insulation containing a foam known as polyisocyanurate – blamed for fuelling the fire – has been appointed to lead a review into building regulations and fire safety following the horrifying event.

“Fox and chickens” comes to mind!

The review is separate to the inquiry led by Sir Martin Moore-Bick so will not look directly into what happened at Grenfell Tower in west London.

It will, however, cover regulations around design, construction and on-going management of buildings in relation to fire safety.

Of course, Hackit should be very familiar with the building and fire safety regulations, but in the whole of Britain is she the only one suitable  to carry out this review?

Surely, any degree of ‘conflict of interest’ should be completely avoided.


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