What’s it all about?

On this short video, Kerry Cassidy gives her views about our perceived world and universe.

Kerry is a relentless researcher into the occult. She has published numerous interviews with whistle blowers and also those who themselves have deeply researched this  strange world in which we live. Much of her work covers the sinister, macabre and controversial.

In the video, Kerry suggests we were immortal at the beginning. Personally, I think we, every-THING, every EMOTION, every THOUGHT, all universes and dimensions are  “THE ALL-MIGHTY”. Kerry refers to “THE SOURCE”. Different name – same entity.

Nassim Haramein has recently mathematically proven that all is connected.



Man – billions of years ago!

Seems sophisticated “man” existed billions of years ago. Suggesting Earth has re-birthed at least once. Perhaps we were responsible for our own demise, or was it a natural event – a natural event that could devastate our planet again?

And, was “man” helped in its re-birth by another entity? Or was that other entity what we call Nature?

So many questions flow from this evidence.