Football: Leicester City – Very Strange

Last football season (2015-2016) Leicester City under the charming management of Italian Claudio Ranieri won the Premier League Championship against all odds and expectation. And they did it with energy, enthusiasm and simplicity.

Ranieri was named Manager of the Year for 2016 by the League Managers’ Association, and on 18 May, he was named the 2016 Barclays Premier League Manager of the Season. He was also awarded Grand Officer of the Italian Order of Merit and the Enzo Bearzot Award as best Italian manager of the year. He attracted widespread praise for their giant-killing exploits.

For whatever reason, this season started dreadfully, and continued.
“King Claudio was sacked a few days ago.

Dark clouds hung over Leicester. The fans were not happy.
Until, that is, last night.

Last night we saw the elusive form of last year. They won 3-1 against a poor Liverpool team that had, pre-match, promised a lot better.

Back was the energy, enthusiasm, simplicity… AND Jamie Vardy!
Very strange!!!

Boxing: Hay – v – Bellew

The fight is on Saturday. Today is Tuesday. Hay is threatening to end his opponent’s career. He wants to physically maim a fellow professional and remove his chance to earn inside the ring in the future. So often the lead up to a professional boxing match involves talk of permanent damage to an opponent. I ask…

Is this the mindset of a glorious gladiator or of a mindless thug?
Should the promoters cancel the fight?

Hay quotes:
“I need to go out there and do a complete and utter destruction job on Tony Bellew. I want to make sure that is it – it’s over for him and that he is never fighting again”
“I don’t want him to come back and start defending his titles. He has disrespected me too much for that. I need to finish his career in one fight and I will do it”

Football Referees and Technology -2

Inside a week, another huge, major, massive error by a match linesman may well have given Manchester United the Cup Final against Southampton. Of course my blogs only record the matches I get to see. Goodness only knows the extent of this problem?  Is Professional Football the richest sport in the world, churning billions per year?  Is it the most watched sport in the world? Yet the professional side of football is horribly marred by inadequate refereeing.


Mind Control in The UK

In Britain, are we all under some sort of mind control and so not inclined to challenge the establishment in any meaningful way?  Examples of what I mean.

The media and politicians just do not seem able to fight on our behalf. We are told that mega amounts are going to be spent on armaments. Do we fight the right fights? Vast amounts on Foreign Aid. Do these funds ever reach the destitute? Support for the elderly is very soon going to be cut back even further. Then of course, as ever, continual cuts to the NHS.

There seems to be an inevitability about the continuous decline in living standards of the British people.
Well for most of us anyway!!!

Football Referees and Technology

The standard of decisions made by referees and linesmen is poor. And most times its not their fault!

Nowadays the game is a lot faster putting added demands on referees and linesmen. So many matches are marred by bad calls that potentially affect the game being played, the loyal fans wanting fairness, and clubs who in some cases stand to lose millions. To say nothing about being deprived of top honours due to bad decisions on the field.

Just watched a prestigious match between Manchester City and Monaco. The entertainment provided by two outstanding attacking teams was a joy. However the defence of both teams was poor, the performance by the referee was poor, and some linesmen decisions were below par.

Why on earth is technology being purposely blocked with the pathetic excuse that it would kill the spirit of the game. What spirit are they on!? Also a very dubious Yellow Card was handed out. Wrongly delivered cards once again impinge on fairness and the future progress of the penalised team.

Backup can be provided to the match referee in a matter of seconds most times. With common sense, technology will vastly improve the fun that is football.



The Strange and Sporty

About the author of Strange and Sporty
It all started to happen upon reaching 70 years of age.

I was retired and seeking entertainment. I had the time, a computer, and interest in a growing number of subjects, issues, and matters.

Listening, watching and reading about so many opinions, views and comments about topics ranging from the ordinary to those matters of high strangeness, and on certain sporting issues, I felt compelled to give my own opinion on life, the universe and everything.

My opening comments – I consider man-made religions and gods merely controls of mankind. You and I, everything, and all else is The Almighty and always conscious (Penny Kelly). Everything is contained in everything else (Nassim Haramein).

Here, are three blogs expanding on these thoughts.

Everything is contained in everything else


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